Nintendo recap – Pokémon Legends: Arceus has second-best sales in Japanese history and more NFT shenanigans

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Hello everyone and welcome to another Nintendo recap! This week, Nintendo unveiled its latest financial results, which show that the Switch is selling “surprisingly” well. We also learned that Nintendo is interested in NFTs, which is disgusting, but the company isn’t sure whether to pursue them or not. In other news, not only has Pokémon Legends: Arceus been met with mostly positive reviews from critics and players, it’s also been selling incredibly well. There’s even more to discuss, so let’s get to it!

The Switch officially becomes the best-selling Nintendo console of all time

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The Nintendo Switch has certainly seen its fair share of success since its launch in 2017, but that came to fruition this week when Nintendo shared its third quarter financial results. Since the last update, the Nintendo Switch has officially overtaken the Wii, making it the best-selling Nintendo console of all time with over 103.54 million units sold.

The best-selling gaming systems of all time

System Release date Units sold (millions)
1. Playstation 2 2000 155
2. Nintendo DS Family 2004 154.02
3.Game Boy/Game Boy Color 1989/1998 118.69
4. Playstation 4 2013 116.9
5. Nintendo Switch 2017 103.54

The Switch still has a long way to go before jeopardizing total laptop sales when it comes to Game Boy or DS. However, Nintendo reps reminded us that the Switch is only halfway through its life cycle, so there’s still time for it to move even higher on this list.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter explained that the Switch is also the second best-selling gaming system of all time behind the DS family. We’ll have to see if it’s able to top PlayStation 4 sales given that Sony still makes those consoles. However, it’s clear from the latest sales that the Switch isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Nintendo says it’s interested in the metaverse and NFTs

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As part of Nintendo’s financial reporting, the game company also answered questions from investors. Meanwhile, Nintendo said it was interested in NFTs and the Metaverse, but wasn’t sure how those aspects would fit into Nintendo’s plans. Analyst David Gibson on Twitter translated the question and answer:

Q) What do you think of the metaverse and the NFT?
A) We have an interest in this area, we feel the potential in this area, but we wonder what joy we can bring to this area and that is hard to define at the moment.

As I’ve said in previous Nintendo recaps, it’s no surprise that companies are getting into NFTs. They can generate a high return with minimal effort. But they also give consumers very little. Hopefully Nintendo takes notice of the negative responses other companies have received regarding their NFT projects and decides to steer clear of them.

When it comes to the Metaverse, it’s no surprise that it’s on Nintendo’s mind. After all, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a straightforward metaverse that players can interact in and one that’s been hugely successful over the past couple of years. Undoubtedly, the next Animal Crossing entry is at least in the early stages of planning and could expand upon the mechanics of New Horizons just as the rest of the world focuses on the metaverse concept.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Sells Incredibly Well Despite Only One Game

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus launched on January 28 to positive reviews from critics and users, and sold incredibly well. According to Famitsu, Pokémon Legends: Arceus had the second best-selling launch week issue in Japanese history after Animal Crossing, with an estimated domestic volume of around 1.4 million copies sold. That puts it barely above Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which sold 1.396 million copies in opening week.

That success continues in the UK, where it was reported by Head of Games Christopher Dring that Legends: Arceus is the fourth biggest Pokemon launch of all time.

That’s an impressive feat considering that Pokémon RPGs have historically had two versions since the very first titles, Red and Blue, released in 1996. However, Legends: Arceus is the first Pokémon capture RPG that doesn’t. only had one version to sell and it still sold incredibly well.

Sitting with a Metacritic score of 84 the last time I checked, Legends: Arceus is the second highest rated Pokémon game of all time. Hopefully this shows Game Freak that it can only continue to sell one version of a game in the future and explore the idea of ​​the open world even further. If you haven’t checked out this new open-world Pokemon game yet, you really should give it a try.

Nintendo blocks 1,300 YouTube videos over music copyright

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Over the past weekend, Nintendo blocked 1,300 YouTube videos for using its copyrighted music. This has sparked several debates regarding the preservation of the game and the music, as many of these tracks can only be legally listened to by playing the original game on the game system they were created for. But that’s not always the easiest thing to do, especially when retro games are rare and expensive to find.

Following these video deletions, Twitter erupted into a slew of memes and posts mocking Nintendo’s handshake over music copyright violations. A Twitter user posted a screenshot of the Super Mario Sunshine soundtrack from Super Mario 3D All-Stars (seen above), sarcastically stating, “This is clearly how Nintendo wants us to listen to their music. .” He followed up with another tweet saying, “Don’t worry. I forgot this exists too, the joke being that no one should expect to rely on an in-game soundtrack to listen to the upbeat music from Nintendo.

Stealing copyrighted music is always a mistake, but Nintendo should make its tracks available through legal means if it’s going to bother deleting YouTube videos.

Team17 announces the NFT project then cancels it

OvercookedSource: Team17

Lately, we’ve seen several major publishers announce NFT plans to cancel them soon after when they encountered consumer and internal criticism. The latest to fall for this marketing faux pas was Team17, the publisher of popular games like Overcooked!, Moving Out, and Yooka-Laylee.

Team17 announced on Monday that it will be releasing limited-edition NFTs based on the Worms series, as reported This was met with huge backlash, not only by fans, but also by Team17 members and developers who have worked with the game company. Especially, aggressive crabthe developer of Going Under, released a statement saying it would no longer work with Team17 “unless this decision is reversed” noting that NFTs are not environmentally friendly and are just a “scam” .

Less than 24 hours later, Team17 responded, stating that “we have listened to our teamsters, development partners and gaming communities, and the concerns they have expressed, and have therefore made the decision to withdraw from the NFT space.” It won’t be the last game company to dip its toes into the murky waters of NFT only to quickly retreat in the face of consumer frustration. As we discussed in a previous Nintendo recap, NFTs are an easy way for companies to make big bucks doing next to nothing, so of course big companies will feel the pressure from those at the top to engage with them.

Fortunately, we have already seen the good that exposing NFTs can do. Although some companies like Ubisoft tell us that we “don’t understand” what NFTs are or in the case of President of Square Enix tries to chip away at our player cards by implying that those who have reservations about NFTs are the ones who, heaven forbid, “play for fun”.

Games are meant to be enjoyed – period – whether you enjoy more intensive games, more casual games, or like a mix of the two. Attacking our pride or assuming we even care enough to have it is a weird way to intimidate consumers into accepting NFTs.

That’s all this week

This year has plenty of excitement in store, so I’ll be keeping an ear out for any news regarding The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel, Bayonetta 3, or any of the other highly anticipated games. planned for this year.

Hope you enjoy your weekend and can play some awesome games.

Until next time.

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