Nier: Automata Secret Room Footage Leaves Fans Baffled

There’s a Nier: Automata video making the rounds on the subreddit and other social media channels, and although creator Yoko Taro announced that the sad robot anime game’s final secret was uncovered a while ago over a year old, this one has fans baffled. The video appears to show a player entering a secret room, and so far no one has been able to replicate the exploit.

The video, posted on Deny subreddit by user sadfutago, begins with a combat encounter in the copied town. The player – as A2 – jumps to a nondescript white wall at the edge of the arena, and a prompt allows them to open a secret door. Inside, a ladder leads to a long square shaft, where the cupolas of the tops of the buildings project into the lower chamber.

These retract into the walls and disappear when A2 lands, and A2 then opens a pair of large double doors that lead to a winding hallway reminiscent of Inception or Control.

Hello here is the video of the clip that I recorded on my ps4 that I put on my usb from the door for the hallway of the church that I uploaded for the discord server. I got a space error because I recorded too long I think. of deny

Users of the subreddit were immediately skeptical of the images, suggesting it must be some PC mod of some kind. However, Lance McDonald, the game hacking expert who uncovered the ‘latest’ Nier: Automata secret, says it’s far beyond capacity current modding for Automata. But so far no one can figure out how to make the door shown in the video appear in their game.

In other words, there are two possibilities: either someone found another “final” secret hidden in Nier: Automata 18 months after its notoriously mischievous creator said the last one had been found, or had a massive breakthrough in Nier: Automata modding – and either is a significant development.

The clip above is incomplete, by the way: the winding hallway at the end apparently leads to some sort of church. It seems that there is still more to discover.

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