Next Anime Game From Genshin Impact Developers Revealed This Friday

Zenless Zone Zero’s first teaser suggests the reveal is happening this Friday – so this week we’ll see Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse’s next anime game. Apparently, it’s another open-world game, and it might be a shooter this time around.

The studio previously known as MiHoYo currently has two major games in operation – Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact: 3rd, with a new strategy RPG game called Honkai: Star Rail in the works. Aside from the weird office anime girls, these are all the projects we know of so far – but it looks like HoYoverse has another new game on the way.

Zenless Zone Zero is that game, and it has a new countdown page with a short teaser revealing that it takes place in a modern city – and deals with strange circular voids called Hollows appearing around this city. Beyond that, there’s a timeline with Friday, May 13, clearly circled – so presumably the full Zenless Zone Zero reveal will take place later this week.

While there aren’t too many other details, this appears to be the game being co-developed at HoYoverse’s new Montreal studio, which opened last year. The game was described as a “triple-A open-world action-adventure game with shooter-based gameplay in a living, breathing paranormal world”, thus somewhat different from Genshin Impact.

As for HoYovers’ most popular game, the Genshin Impact Kuki Shinobu banner’s release date is approaching, although the 2.7 update was delayed this week.

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