New Stardew Valley mods add mass production to the farm

A new Stardew Valley mod aims to make life on the farm a little easier and more productive. The Solid Foundations mod is less of a traditional mod and more of a framework that other creators can add to, tweaking buildings and life game production in subtle but meaningful ways. The basic idea is simple. Solid foundation adds the option for custom interiors, producing items based on rules you set, building skins, etc.

The framework debuted on NexusMods in early June, but the latest addition to Solid Foundation lives up to the subtle and meaningful descriptors. It’s called Bulk processingand while the screenshots might look like they’re straight out of some industrial dystopian version of Stardew Valley, they’re some of the most interesting conveniences to pop on the modding scene.

Bulk Processing does what it says on the packaging, adding two new processors as upgrades to the Keg and Oil Maker, with more on the way. The first is the Large Keg, which Ham and NukaColaPrime, the creators of the mod, say is equivalent to eight regular kegs. It lets you run eight Keg processes simultaneously and can even store up to 10 more in reserve, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time if you were away when the previous process finished.

Currently, this only works with items of the same type – so eight piles of corn, for example – although this may change in the future.

The second feature is the Oil Still, which as you can probably guess by now increases the amount of oil you can process compared to the basic Oil Maker. It works with sunflower oil, corn oil, and truffle oil, and it even lets you make vinegar using certain fruits.

NukaColaPrime said the plan is to add a canning jar sometime in the future, which would allow you to mass-produce items that normally require the jar, such as jellies.

Besides the obvious benefits of saving time and freeing up space in your fields faster, these bulk production makers also seem to save a lot of space. Gone are the days of devoting an entire quarter of your farm to Kegs and Jars, and you won’t even have to spend that much Gold, Copper, and Lumber to get them, thanks to modders’ reasonable prices.

Mass Processing is just the latest in a series of Stardew Valley mods expanding what you can do on the farm and beyond, from expanding to the Valley to sending into space and even to give you Pokémon to heal, why not.

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