Netflix Online Store Launches “Squid Game” Merchandise Collection

Squid game – Image: Netflix

Enjoy the seemingly overnight success of Squid game, Netflix has added a collection of merchandise to its online store that launched earlier in 2021.

Netflix launched its new Shopify-powered online store in June 2021, which launched with a host of collections, including Lupine and Yasuke Merchendise.

At the time of the launch of the Netflix store, Netflix said the store was designed “to give fans a new way to connect with their favorite stories and introduce them to the next wave of artists and designers who are embracing the power of storytelling in all its aspects. shapes. “

Since the initial launch of several collections, but now they have launched a collection for their Korean series which is conquering the world and is set to become Netflix’s biggest hit.

The new collection includes 10 products available, the vast majority being salon t-shirt designs. You can get a T-shirt with the number 456 embroidered that fans of the series will know is the number assigned to the main protagonist.

One of the T-shirts allows you to change the design with the options to choose from among the different games featured in the show.

On the front of the collection, it is indicated:

“Accept the invitation at your own risk. If you’re like us and love Squid Game then you’ve come to the right place and the stakes aren’t that high. Personalize your special clothes with designs inspired by the show.

Prices in the range start at $ 34.95 for a standard t-shirt up to $ 49.95 for the hoodie.

Squid Game Merchandise

Items available on the Netflix store for Squid Game

Unfortunately, the Netflix store is only available to residents of the United States. At What’s on Netflix, which are based in the UK, we managed to get a middleman to ship a package from the US to the UK, but with a lot of effort and cost, in the point that we could not recommend it.

Elsewhere, however, Netflix has partnered with Zavvi in ​​the UK to sell Squid Game products that include shoes. Pop-up shops in places like Paris have also appeared.

Netflix also recently launched a Sex education storefront with hoodies and T-shirts. They are customizable in the sense that you can change the school logo and color.

According to, after a first buzz, traffic to Netflix stores has dropped significantly. In June 2021, the website saw 810,000 visits, with a drop to 95,000 for the entire month of August 2021. SimilarWeb data is not precise, but provides accurate traffic trends for a website .

60% of this traffic is direct (people typing in their web browser) with 17% social media, 11.5% search and 10% referral traffic.

As we discussed above, international availability on shipping is a major obstacle to the store’s success, as well as issues that most Netflix users still don’t know the store even exists.

Will you take one of the new Squid game merch on the Netflix store? Let us know in the comments below.

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