Morehouse College cancels basketball tournament with Kanye West’s Donda Doves

On Monday, Morehouse College released a statement canceling a basketball tournament featuring Donda Academy, a private school founded by the entertainer formerly known as Kanye West.

Morehouse College was scheduled to host the basketball event which was to take place at the college’s Forbes Arena on November 6, but ultimately decided to cancel the event in response to “recent controversial and unproductive statements by Ye, formerly known as Kanye West’s name. the school said.

It comes after many companies cut ties with Ye over his anti-Semitic and offensive comments in recent weeks.

Ye promoted Sunday’s basketball event on his Instagram account as it was to be the season opener between Doves of Donda Academy and The Skill Factory team. While promoting the game, Ye’s Instagram post said, “Some establishments stood up again, it’s love #lovespeech.” He also posted a link to purchase tickets, which ranged from $20 to $500, depending on the site.

The event’s online description said it would be a chance to support the team on “a starry night of hoops alongside Jaylen Brown and many other A-list celebrities.”

Brown, who plays for the Boston Celtics, recently ended his association with Donda Sports, but expressed his support for young athletes at Donda Academy.

On Saturday, he tweeted, “These are important resources being provided to these student-athletes and not taken away from them. shout at @Morehouse for opening their doors to host the first official Donda Doves basketball game of the season. I need everyone in Atlanta to show their love and support! I will be there “,

He responded to Morehouse’s cancellation statement with a tweet saying “Unfortunate retraction but children and family appreciate consideration who are currently seeking an alternative.”

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