MLB The Show 22 Title Update 13 Notes

MLB The Show 22 just got his 13e title update. This update does not bring much in terms of fixes to the game. The main point of this update was to fix the frame rate issue when playing in the Field of Dreams stadium.

The frame rate issue with Field of Dreams has been a problem since MLB The Show 22 spear. Players had issues with the game feeling like it was choppy and not running smoothly when playing in this stadium. Oddly enough, that wasn’t a problem last year, when the Field of Dreams debuted in MLB The Show 21. Although this has been an issue since its launch, this update comes less than 24 hours before the release of the flagship program Field of Dreams. This program is expected to include a new locked event with Field of Dreams as the stadium. We will have news on the star program of Field of Dreams later this afternoon.

The full patch notes are shown below:

MLB The Show 22 Title Update 13

One-on-one online

  • Fixed a bug that could occur in pre-game menus.

Road to the show

  • Fixed an issue that could display button inputs in the incorrect order when changing/displaying CBP’s pitch directory in frontend menus.

nintendo switch

  • Fixed several hangs that could occur when using the on-screen keyboard in co-op games.

stadium builder

  • Added 89 new minor league themed accessories. You can find them all if you search for “minorleaguekit” in the Stadium Creator editor.


  • Frame rate improvements have been made to the Field of Dreams stadium.
  • Fixed an audio issue that could cause a pinch hitter to be announced twice.

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