Mafia 4 In Development Confirms Developer 2K

Mafia turned 20 this week. It’s a fact that makes me feel pretty old. An interview with the developers was recently published by 2K, reviewing memories of early open world games, the challenges and triumphs that came from their creation, and most exciting of all; the promise of an all-new entry in the Mafia series.

The 20th anniversary interview was posted on the official Mafia website and sees the developers take a walk down memory lane. They discuss their entry points into the series and their own developmental ups and downs, and what it meant to have the opportunity to remake the original version.

Former art director, now head of studio, Roman Hladík explains the technical aspect of the remake: “On the original Mafia, there were a lot of technical limitations; for example, the draw distance was only a few hundred meters, so you never got to see any grand views of the city. With Mafia: Definitive Edition, we had this incredible opportunity to improve the vision of the first game – suddenly we were able to create panoramic views and better express the atmosphere of the cities of the 1930s.”

If you’re a fan of the series, or just of gaming history in general, the complete maintenance well worth a read, with perhaps the most exciting news to come in the very last paragraph:

“I am happy to confirm that we have started work on a brand new Mafia project! Although there are a few years to go and we cannot share anything more at this time, we are really excited to continue working on this franchise. beloved and entertain our players with new stories.

In case you missed it, and while you wait for more information on the latest entry in the series, Mafia will be free on Steam to celebrate its anniversary, so grab it and transport yourself 20 years back in time. If you already own Mafia, there’s a really cool mod in development that seeks to recreate the Titanic. It’s most definitely a work in progress at the moment, but it’s also most definitely worth a look.

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