Ludwig will host a Super Smash Bros. tournament. $30,001 melee after Genesis 8 delay

Following the postponement of Genesis 8 from the end of this month to April 15, Ludwig has announced that he will be hosting an online event to try and keep attention on the Super Smash Bros. community during the now vacant period.

This unnamed online tournament will take place on January 29 and 30 with a prize pool of $30,001, featuring the main dates the G8 would have taken place had the team behind the event not postponed it. due to health, safety and operational issues. COVID.

Details surrounding the event are still in the works, but with the date and the $30,001 prize pool, Ludwig confirmed that registrations will only cost $1. For now, the tournament should only feature support for Super Smash Bros. Melee since it will take place entirely online and Super Smash Bros Ultimate has notoriously poor online features, though that doesn’t mean it won’t be featured one way or another or have its own similar event around the same time.

Ludwig, who started his career as a content creator in the Super Smash Bros. competitive scene, has hosted several tournaments in the past, including the LACS Series 3, where the Melee The community helped raise over $300,000 for Gamers for Love and Direct Relief.

The only reason Ludwig and his team take advantage of that extra dollar at the end of the total is to finish in the top 10. Melee all-time tournaments in payment, since the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series (LACS) 3 was ousted earlier this year by smash Summit 11 and smash Tour 2021 World Championship.

Full event details, including how to register, a broadcast schedule and whether there will be a tie-in with Genesis in any way to help support the postponed event, should appear in the weeks to come. to come.

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