Lord of the Rings online releases before the Shadow expansion

The 10th expansion of The Lord of the Rings Online is now live, which includes new areas, a revamped starting experience, new endgame content, and more.

The Lord of the Rings online just released its new extension, Before the shadow, which takes newly minted players through an all-new starting experience that leads into The Fellowship story. To support the expansion, The Lord of the Rings online is also receiving a major free update that brings tons of welcome changes such as expanded quest tracking and more streamlined trait point gain.

Featuring one of the biggest worlds in an MMORPG, The Lord of the Rings online has only grown larger over the years as new expansions and updates introduce sprawling regions filled with content for players to explore. Although the game is showing its age after running since 2007, years of major updates and overhauls have helped modernize the game with numerous quality of life changes, visual improvements, and environment overhauls. Thanks to its massive scale and the popularity of Tolkien’s works, The Lord of the Rings online offers a unique immersive experience that many gamers still enjoy after 15 years.


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Before the shadow is the last The Lord of the Rings online expansion starting at $20 for the standard edition, which focuses on the new player experience while bringing content to late-game players. New players who own the expansion can choose to start with a new tutorial experience that will take them through the two new areas, Swanfleet from levels 1-15 and Cardolan from levels 15-32. Taking place before The Fellowship was formed, players will discover ancient history, battle the forces of Sauron, and accompany Boromir as he heads north to Rivendell.

Along with the new startup experience, other new content for The Lord of the Rings online includes a new skirmish, Doom of Caras Gelebren for levels 20-140, while a new Sarch Vorn scaling instance, the Black Grave will be available soon. A new dig system similar to World of WarcraftMythic Dungeons have been added for late game players, which feature 40 missions that include various effects to make each run challenging. Successful missions will upgrade the Dig Gem, increasing the difficulty for further runs. Players can choose to turn these gems into T3 raid equivalent gear or risk more rewards by taking them on increasingly difficult missions.

In addition to major expansion features, a The Lord of the Rings online The update brought some welcome changes. Class trait points that were previously locked behind specific quests or deeds are now automatically granted when leveling up, ensuring players aren’t required to create specific content to build their characters. The number of trackable quests has been doubled to 10 quests, a long-requested quality of life change. Fall damage has also been massively tweaked, reducing the slow from 40% to 30% and the max duration from 60 seconds to 15. As usual, hundreds of other fixes and balance tweaks have also been made with update 34.

The Lord of the Rings online is available on PC.

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