Looks like Phasmophobia is getting a Halloween update with a “nightmare difficulty”


The spooky season is fast approaching, and it looks like the developers behind one of the best ghost games are gearing up to step into the spooky spirit. While there doesn’t appear to have been an official announcement as such, it does appear that Phasmophobia has a Halloween update going on, with a sort of “nightmarish difficulty.”

That’s according to a new addition to the horror game’s Trello public board, in which Kinetic Games is posting details of what’s in the Phasmophobia development pipeline at all times. A new card that has just been added lists an ongoing “Halloween update”, which you can see here. Unfortunately, there are very few details on what the update will bring at this time, with most of the items labeled as “redacted”, so it looks like the developers want to keep a lot of cards close to their chests on what. the patch will inaugurate.

However, there is something listed called “Nightmare Difficulty”. While this is far from being confirmed by the entry, this is likely some sort of themed difficulty mode, especially tricky, that will make the game’s ghost and ghost fighting all the more so. nightmarish, when Halloween rolls around. However, we’ll have to wait for more news on what exactly it is.

Elsewhere, fans have started trying to guess what these redacted pieces might be, with one feeling that it might be “new sounds, new ghost events, new animations” on Reddit. However, we do know that this is not entirely accurate, as lead artist Corey J Dixon replied, saying, “no, no, no, keep guessing”. So everything is very mysterious at the moment.

The Halloween update is now underway! of PhasmophobiaGame

We know that the developers have been working on a revamp of the Phasmophobia difficulty system for a few months, with the difficulties being “reworked and rebalanced to make them more appealing, as well as to give experienced players something new and stimulating to play.” . There are also “additional modifiers” potentially on the verge of “further increasing the challenge and rewards” – for example, a 0% starting reason, according to the plank. Perhaps the nightmare option in the Halloween update could be a fun take on some of the changes that the developers have been tinkering with over the past few months, although – again – that’s just pure speculation. for the moment.

Keep an eye out on the Phasmophobia Trello board and social media if you want to learn more. With Halloween next month, hopefully we’ll find out more about what the theme update brings very soon.

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