League of Legends Project L will be free

League of Legends fighting game Project L is free, or will be at every launch, Riot announced in a brief new update video. Project L Senior Director Tom Cannon said the team wants to continue Riot’s tradition of making games accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live or how much money they might spend on them. video games, and while Cannon hasn’t said so, the news naturally means the game will likely have microtransactions too. Cannon didn’t offer a release date for Project L, but said the team has moved on from laying the groundwork and is now designing champions and new mechanics to help expand the core gameplay.

Elsewhere, Riot published a detailed article development blog outlining the process of bringing one of these champions to life in Project L: Illaoi. The team thought about the many factors they consider when designing a champion for Project L, including their role in LoL, as well as the personalities and abilities of other League properties, such as as the Cursed King and Legends of Runeterra.

The team wants to capture the essence of what makes a champion what they are and the potential of what they could be. Illaoi in Project L is truly larger than life, with big hitboxes and even bigger attacks. She strikes her enemies with her totem and, true to her LoL variant, summons ghostly tentacles of Nagakabouros to aid her. This relationship went through a few changes before the team settled on something they felt fit Illaoi’s personality, with her as the dominant force and the power of Nagakabouros playing a supporting role.

She’s slow, but adept at creating openings to hit opponents and keep them on the defensive. She’s also still in early development, so we probably won’t hear much more about Illaois or Project L anytime soon.

Cannon said he would have another update on the fighting game later in 2022, but gave no indication of when that might happen. We’ve waited long enough for an update since the first gameplay of Project L, so having another one to expect in the same year is actually quite exciting.

In the meantime, if you’re wondering how much you’re likely to spend on Project L, there’s a nifty new way to track how much you’ve spent in League of Legends. However, microtransactions aren’t always bad. Proceeds from Star Trek’s recent series of LoL skins have gone to charity.

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