Launch of eFootball on PC and consoles on September 30

Konami has revealed that eFootball, the free-to-play game formerly known as PES, will launch for PC and consoles on September 30.

Although FIFA has been the primary football simulation for almost three decades at this point, there has always been another series trying to find a way to pinch its heels. Pro Evolution Soccer, which has changed its name or two over the course of its run, has never quite managed to compete with FIFA. However, developer Konami is hoping to have cracked the code through the latest PES overhaul.

As was revealed over the summer, PES is no longer. It has been replaced by eFootball. A free-to-play model launched on PC and consoles on September 30, as Konami revealed this week. The studio has previously admitted that eFootball will indeed be a demo at launch, so don’t over-expect what the unfinished game will look like when you first play it at the end of this month.

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via Konami

eFootball will feature nine playable clubs at launch. Arsenal, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Corinthians, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Flamengo, River Plate and Sao Paulo. A mix of major teams from Europe and South America. A handful of stadiums will also be included at the launch, including Old Trafford and Barca’s Nou Camp.

The only mode available to play on September 30 will be Friendly Matches. Players will be able to participate in offline matches against the AI ​​or a friend, or online against people using the same system. PS4 players will be able to play against those who use a PS5, and the same for Xbox One and Series X | S players, but cross-platform play beyond that will not be available on eFootball until its fall update.

Speaking of which, while there is no confirmed launch date, it shouldn’t be long after eFootball’s release date that more modes and features are added. EFootball’s first major update will feature a Creative Squad, similar to the FIFA Ultimate Squad, a Tour Event, and a Quick Match Mode featuring over 600 licensed teams. It will also be available on mobile in the future.

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