Italians and Turks dominate the Mediterranean Games

The Italian women won 16 medals and the Turkish men won 11 medals to dominate the gymnastics competition from June 26-29 at the 19th Mediterranean Games which will run until July 6 in Oran, Algeria.

Olympic all-around finalist Martine Maggio led the Italian women to an easily won team gold medal and won the all-around and balance beam titles.

The other members of the victorious Italian team in Oran were Angela Andreoli, Alice d’Amato, Amato’s Asia and Giorgia Villa.

Turkey Adam Asil was the most successful male gymnast, collecting six medals, including gold in the all-around and gold in the vault. He finished 15th in the all-around at the Olympics last summer in Tokyo and 11th in the all-around at the World Championships last fall in Kitakyushu.

Joining Asil on the gold medal team in Oran was Ferhat Arican, Ibrahim Colak, Sercan Demir and Ahmet Onder.

19th Mediterranean Games

Oran, Algeria

June 26-29, 2022


All around:

  1. Martine Maggio ITA 54.864
  2. Amato’s Asia ITA 54.065
  3. Carolann Heduit FRA 53.065
  4. Lucija Hribar RLS 49.032
  5. Emma Fernandez ESP 48.366
  6. Jana Mahmoud EGY 47.432


  1. Amato’s Asia ITA 13.875
  2. Morgane Osyssek FRA 13.400
  3. Angela Andreoli ITA 13.200

Uneven bars:

  1. Giorgia Villa ITA 14.00
  2. Martine Maggio ITA 13.85
  3. Ana Filipa Martins ORP 13.85

Balance beam:

  1. Martine Maggio ITA 13.55
  2. Amato’s Asia ITA 13.25
  3. Carolann Heduit ENG 13.10

Floor exercise:

  1. Amato’s Asia ITA 13.50
  2. Martine Maggio ITA 1:30 p.m.
  3. Morgane Osyssek ENG 13.05


  1. Italy 161.95
  2. France 156.60
  3. Spain 148.45


All around:

1. Adam Asil TUR 84.70

2. Joel Plata ESP 81.95

3. Marios Georgiou CYP81.80

4. (tie) Omar Mohammad ESP and Lorenzo Minh Casali ITA 81.60

6. Nicholas Mir ESP 80.95

Floor exercise:

  1. Nicholas Bartolini ITA 14.85
  2. Ahmet Onder TUR 14.30
  3. Adam Asil TUR 14.20

Pommel horse:

  1. Mateo Zugec ORC 14.25
  2. Jakov Vlahek ORC 14.15
  3. Ferhat Arican TUR 14.00

Rings again:

  1. Ibrahim Colak TUR 14.85
  2. Adam Asil TUR 14.75
  3. Ali Zahran 14.60 EGY


  1. Adam Asil TUR 15.075
  2. Nicholas Bartolini ITA 14.475
  3. Matteo Levantesi ITA 14.200

Parallel bars:

  1. Ferhat Arican TUR 15.10
  2. Matteo Levantesi ITA 14.50
  3. Cameron Lie Bernard FR 14.50

Horizontal bar:

  1. Marios Georgiou CYP14.30
  2. Adam Asil TUR 13.95
  3. Ahmet Onder TUR 13.65


  1. Turkey 251.25
  2. Italy 246.10
  3. France 242.90

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