It looks like Discord voice chat is also coming to PS5

Discord is doing its best to become a full-featured voice chat option no matter where you play, and it looks like we’ll be able to chat with even more console friends soon.

As spotted by The edge (opens in a new tab)dataminer Advaith (opens in a new tab) has apparently uncovered evidence that voice chat integration will be coming to PS5 in the near future. Unfortunately, it looks like there’s nothing in the works for PS4 users aside from the already available option to view game activity. The leak quickly follows on from the platform’s integration with Xbox (opens in a new tab)which was released to everyone in September.

Admittedly, connecting to voice chat on console was a tricky process – all of this requires your mobile phone to be ready and the Xbox app to be installed – but with the phone requirement being removed soon, hopefully that means the PlayStation version will also be a few simple taps to dive into Discord voice channels.

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It was only a matter of time before voice integration arrived for Sony’s latest console. The editor made a minority investment in Discord (opens in a new tab) in May last year. Sony Chairman Jim Ryan said the goal was “to bring the Discord and PlayStation experience closer together on console and mobile”, adding that this year the company wanted to enable “friends, groups and communities to go out, have fun and communicate more”. easily by playing games together.” It started with the ability to link your PlayStation Network account to Discord earlier this year, which permitted for the aforementioned gaming activity (opens in a new tab) screen, but voice chat is the real prize that our console friends have been waiting for.

As someone who occasionally prioritizes the comfort of my couch and console over gaming at the same desk I work from (hi!), the option to easily access Discord voice chat from my PS5 is welcome. Sure, I can use it on my phone, but it’s irritating to have to smash my headphones into my ear holes to talk in Discord while placing my headphones on top for game audio. Being able to talk to our friends who play on other platforms is never a bad thing either.

Assuming this is real, it’s not yet clear when the integration will go live, or if it will spend a few months in Xbox-like beta testing. Discord won’t confirm the legitimacy of the leak, saying in a statement to PC Gamer that the company has “nothing to share at this time.”

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