Internet Game and Lionsgate Partner on SAW Game NFTs Released on GameStop NFT Marketplace

It looks like Lionsgate and metaverse developer Internet Game have teamed up with GameStop to release an NFT SAW game.

It looks like Lionsgate and metaverse developer Internet Game have teamed up with GameStop to release an NFT SAW game.

Despite the cooling of the NFT and cryptocurrency craze over the past few months, GameStop remains dedicated to its NFT market and developers continue to explore and design in the field of game to win Web3. In fact, we have a legendary horror franchise coming to GameStop’s NFT marketplace. SAW Games was announced by internet game developer and metaverse/Web3 intellectual property holder Lionsgate, and GameStop’s marketplace will be used to sell game passes for potential players to participate.

Internet Game and Lionsgate announced the Upcoming SAW Games on October 18, 2022, but the collaboration with GameStop’s NFT marketplace was announced this week. SAW games have been teased as a survival game in which players buy passes to participate. Those who participate are tasked with being the last players standing in a gauntlet of deadly traps. Those who survive will walk away with SAW-themed prizes, including NFTs. The official description of the game on the website is as follows:

“SAW Games is the first interactive SAW experience where you and thousands of others can play Jigsaw games to try to survive. Winners escape with their lives and with SAW, NFTS and other themed rewards. other prices.

Tweet from GameStop NFT on SAW games from Internet Game and Lionsgate.
GameStop is collaborating with Internet Game and Lionsgate to sell passes for the new SAW Games experience.
Source: Twitter

Prizes for the game include the chance to visit a SAW film set, have their name appear in the next SAW movie, visit SAW: The Experience in London, and of course a number of NFTs from Bored Ape Yacht Club and Doodles, just to name a few.

Through the collaboration with GameStop, players will be able to visit the GameStop NFT Marketplace website to purchase game passes and participate in SAW games. With this experience rolling out, it looks like one of the next big things to happen for GameStop’s NFT efforts and the Web3 community. Stay tuned as we continue to follow for more NFT and cryptocurrency news and updates.

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