Infinite opens pre-registration for PC and mobile


XD Entertainment has announced that they have started taking pre-registrations for their upcoming game. Torchlight: Infinite both on PC and mobile. The team will soon launch a closed beta in a few weeks, which will give you and others a chance to get into the ARPG fray in the Torchlight universe. If you want to try your luck, you can register by going to the game website. In the meantime, we have more information on that below and a trailer showing off the beta.

Credit: XD Entertainment

The development team working on Torchlight: Infinite is made up of ARPG veterans, including developers whose resumes include Diablo, Torchlight and Path of exile. With this vast experience at their fingertips, the team incorporated beloved loot-based ARPG mechanics with a focus on exciting combat, hero development and progression, strategic content, and factor most important fun. Multiplayer should be an integral part of the Torchlight: Infinite experience with an in-game item trading system and multiplayer gameplay. As such, the game will feature cross-play across all devices allowing players to enjoy the game with friends no matter what device they are using. This, coupled with the games post-launch content plan which will include regular new content with the season system, is set up to allow for more freedom to progress and lots of new content.

  • Fluid and intense combat: Goblin Camp, Dwarven Mine, Church Square? No matter the location, experience heart-pounding, ear-piercing explosions, devastating character jumps, and a horde of monsters in some of the most fluid and artful torchlight combat yet.
  • Zero to hero: Each playable hero has endless possibilities, play the heroes your way by using their traits with a character build you control. Combine your loot, skills, talents, and traits to defeat legendary bosses.
  • Open character progression: Have the freedom to build your hero exactly the way you want by combining skills, talents, traits, gear affixes, legendary gear
  • Booty!: Infinite Loot, Infinite Stamina, No Skill Cooldowns, all mean one thing: more action and more loot.
  • Looking for a business – Got some stellar gear but it’s not for you? Trade it in the in-game market and maybe buy something more like you.
  • Season of Change – Seasons of post-launch content with all new content, heroes and more coming regularly.
  • Crossplay: Play on PC, iOS and Android.

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