How to protect your children from online bullying

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) – The UNICEF Foundation recently reported that one in three children in 30 countries has been cyberbullied. As the world moves online, predators have more opportunities to exploit children.

“They can be victims of cyberbullying, a tendency to share too much private information about themselves and there are also sexual predators hanging around these games looking for their next victim,” said Rachel Bone, director funding for Judy’s Place for Kids.

This can happen on video game chat rooms because kids can interact with someone from anywhere in the world.

“A lot of times it starts with sharing friendly information about the game, tips, tricks, ways the child could improve in the game, and then things could start to get worse from there” , Bone said.

Parents don’t have to be in the dark with this problem, as Bone says there are warning signs.

“Perhaps a change in behavior — more aggression on the child’s part — a desire to want to participate in the game more than usual. Also, if you walk into the room as a parent and whether they automatically shut things down or close chat boxes, that should be a red flag,” she said.

If you suspect your child is being bullied online, authorities urge you to call local law enforcement.

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