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With the advent of video streaming platforms that primarily focus on gaming lives or simple gaming sessions, we’ve seen a new trend emerge with more and more gamers capturing their gaming content to deliver it on these. platforms. Some think that putting the games on a streaming platform is a complicated process, but it’s not that you have the necessary tools.

Wondershare DemoCreate your game screen recorder

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You can be an avid gamer or equally talented, and sometimes you have the skills to become a content creator. However, you might not be very familiar with complicated apps to get your gaming sessions on platforms like Twitch or YouTube.

However, capturing video game footage from an external source is not really a complicated process. Knowing how to record video game footage is the first step towards starting a video game YouTube channel. Besides, it’s really fun to capture pictures just to show them to your friends.

Professional video game streamers and YouTubers usually have expensive setups for recording, but you don’t really need them for a simple start. You will need software and a computer to start recording gameplay footage from a PC. A video capture card is also required, but only when capturing the image from an external source, such as a game console.

Capture video game content

How to Record Screen on PC with Wondershare DemoCreator

In our case, we chose the Wondershare DemoCreator software. It is a powerful screen recording application which allows us to capture our video game sessions on PC and edit them with special game mode function. We can use the generated files on popular video streaming platforms like YouTube.

A powerful PC screen recorder

DemoCreator can be used in a multitude of scenarios, such as creating rich content, creating tutorials, and recording your gaming sessions.

Through this article, we will help you get into DemoCreator to start capturing your gaming sessions without any hassle. We will also highlight some of the main features of this platform.


DemoCreator game mode

From the DemoCreator start screen, you will see a lot of options. The app is very intuitive and offers three recording features: screen + webcam, screen only, and game mode. When recording game sessions, your main feature will be the game mode.

Once you click on play mode, you will open a small window with three main controls. You can enable or disable the system audio, activate your microphone as well as your webcam. You can select a built-in webcam if you are using a laptop or a separate accessory if you have one connected to your device. If the webcam is enabled, a small window will appear at the top.

Note that there is a special option called “Select Game”, from there you will select the task that represents the game you are running. Let’s say you have Slack, Browser, and other apps open on your PC along with the game you want to save.

You click on that option and select the game window and the application will only record that particular window. Thus, you will be free to move between tasks if necessary, as the application will only record the particular game window. Once everything is set, you can press the big “REC” icon, and voila! The app will start recording your gaming session.

With DemoCreator, you can customize your frame rate, allow the GPU to speed up for recording, and other features.

Of course, some features will depend on the power of your hardware and the smoothness of the game will also depend on your hardware. So it is mandatory to check the capabilities of your PC when trying to start your “career” as a game content creator.

How to edit your saved game

Once you are satisfied with your gaming session, you can stop recording to access the video editing interface; From there, you can see the entire track of your recording, cut small portions of the video, add things like intro video, audio, or even an image. Let’s say you have a channel and want to add your intro before the video game session, with Demo Creator you can.

Automatic subtitles

There is also a cool feature called auto caption feature for your live broadcast. It recognizes your speech and converts it to caption in real time without any problem. This is a plus for your videos as it can improve accessibility. So there won’t be any barriers for people to check your content.

You can change the style of text content, for example by changing the color, opacity, caption size, and border.

Creating an introduction and conclusion

As we said before, with DemoCreator, you can consistently tag your videos well. You can create a short intro and an outro (usually no longer than ten seconds). It’s a great way to advance your “branding” and get people to recognize you in your next videos. DemoCreate offers a wide variety of multimedia resources to help you create a good quality and consistent intro and ending. You can download them directly from the app and modify the text to put the name of your channel.

Add captions

With DemoCreator, you can add special captions to your video like “BANG”, “NO”. It can personalize your gaming sessions and improve the originality of your content.

More effects

The application also allows you to add chrome key effects, add annotations, transitions and other interesting effects to make your video more dynamic.

How to export Yesour Video and MTake it Rready for Sprocessing Pplatforms

Once you are done with the editing part, you can export your creation with different formats. DemoCreator offers a wide range of video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, etc.

Moreover, you can select encoder, resolution, frame rate, bit rate for video and audio. So you can ensure the best possible quality for your videos before exporting them.

Once you have set the options and clicked Export, all you need to do is select where the file will be stored on your PC. After that, you are good to go! You will have your full video, totally edited without further complications. After that, you can just send it to your friends, or upload it to popular video platforms, share it on social networks, and more.


DemoCreator is powerful software with a wide variety of features to record your PC screen content. Game Mode is a special bonus for anyone on the web who dreams of becoming a game content creator. The app is simple and intuitive and contains everything you need to start your internet gaming channel.

There may be other alternatives on the market, but the vast majority are too expensive and complicated to use. Therefore, we believe that DemoCreator is powerful software for those who want to start in this “scenario” and don’t want to spend so much or spend countless hours studying and learning complicated software.

Buy DemoCreator

There are four possible plans for using Wondershare DemoCreator:

To free: Without any limitation when using recording, editing and effects. The only limitation is a small watermark in your final archive.

Monthly: The monthly plan is available for $ 9.99 with automatic renewal and cancellation anytime. It guarantees one month of all updates, all features, custom watermark, 7 days unlimited downloads from Effect Store, new effects update every month, extra Chrome extension, 24 hour technical support and 7 days a week.

Annual: This plan is available for $ 39.99 and also brings the same features as the monthly plan. The big problem here is that you will be saving a lot of money at the end of the year compared to the one month license.

Perpetual: It is definitely the best option for those who want to use DemoCreator for a long time without having to renew the license each time. This guarantees all of the above features and allows you to keep DemoCreator V5 for life.

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