Homestead Arcana farming life simulation game announced for Xbox Series, PC

Publisher Skybound Games and developer Serenity Forge have announced Mysteries of property, a third-person exploration farming simulation game where players become a witch who casts, farms, and creates spells to revitalize a corrupt kingdom. It will launch for Xbox Series and PC (Steam), as well as via Xbox Game Pass. A release date has not been announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via its steam page:


Become an agricultural witch and venture into a frontier corrupted by miasma. Discover the secret of its mysterious appearance and strengthen your spells with nature to heal the earth.

Create your own property

Build your own farm from scratch. Discover new plants and tend to your growing garden by crafting new equipment and spelling potions to reclaim and heal the land and make it yours.

Discover the secret of miasma

Venture into the deadly miasma to unravel its mystery and heal the frontier. Survive and explore this harsh environment where dangerous deformed creatures roam free. Bring back new plants and spells to expand your farm and travel even deeper into the Corrupted Lands in search of its secrets.

Harness the magic of nature to heal the world

Become an adventurous spell-wielding witch and develop your powers to heal the world. Tap into the power of nature to create spells and prepare for the challenges ahead as you work with your friendly pet cat, Huckleberry, to fend off the deadly miasma.

Main characteristics

  • Restore Range – Journey to the Corrupted Lands and uncover the secrets of the deadly miasma.
  • Build your property – Build a prosperous shrine from scratch.
  • Maintain your garden – Discover new plants and grow your garden to heal the land.
  • Create new spells and equipment – Craft spells and equipment to overcome dangers and circumvent the mysterious creatures of Miasma.
  • Meet Huckleberry – Lean on your familiar cat, Huckleberry, to help you fight miasma.

Watch the trailer below. See the first screenshots in the gallery.

Announce trailer

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