Here’s a game about a horrible spider-legged train named Charles

Independent studio Two Star Games is working on a new kind of horror: trains. Choo-Choo Charles is a game where you, a human, travel around an island on a train and dodge an evil and sentient track that wants to eat you. Over time, you upgrade your gear to fight Charles, hopefully overcoming the creature who is actually a steam locomotive with a set of ghastly spider legs and a toothy mouth.

Choo-Choo Charles is the natural result of the meme that modifies Thomas the Tank Engine in everything: Resident Evil Village, Kingdom Hearts 3, Valheim, Sekiro, Resident Evil 2, Monster Hunter World, Fallout 4, you get it by now, I ‘I am on.

That said, as a survival horror game, it does show some promise and has a well-defined aesthetic. He also seems to understand the survival part of the horror: it’s scary, but the point here is to make it out alive. “Prove that you are a true train killer, by acquiring enough strength, firepower and skill to defeat Mechanical Terror once and for all,” reads the game description. I already wonder if Charles lays eggs. To imagine! Lots of little Charlies rushing around.

“You have a little yellow train, with a map, a mounted machine gun, and an exquisite collection of bobbleheads on the dashboard. You will use this train to move from place to place, while you complete missions. for the townspeople, or loot the remains of the entire island. Over time, you will use your leftovers to improve your train’s speed, armor, and damage. You will expand your arsenal and (hopefully) ) will become an unstoppable force, ready to face the great and mighty Charles. ” it continues.

Two Star Games is the developer of several free horror games, such as Night in Riverrager and My Friend is a Raven. They also developed the free surreal walking simulation Cloud Climber. You can find a two star games page on Steam and on, and you can find Choo-Choo Charles on Steam.

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