Halo Infinite desync is still broken as devs are ‘allocated’ elsewhere

If you’ve recently tried to punch someone in a Halo game, you’ll notice that the long-standing Halo Infinite desync issue – which particularly affects melee combat – is still a problem in multiplayer gameplay. According to 343 Industries, the reason this hasn’t been fixed is because the team is “assigned to other Infinite work.”

Halo Infinite Season 2 kicked off in May, and there are plenty of awesome additions coming to Microsoft’s first FPS game soon, such as Forge mode and the co-op campaign. However, one issue that has plagued the multiplayer side since pretty much launch is a network desync issue that messes up hit registration, especially with melee attacks, which are the best part of Halo.

Considering the range of issues Season 2 launched with, it’s a little surprising that this problem well documented is still not fixed. In a new comment on RedditHalo Infinite developer 343_Taxi explains that the “lack of UCN (network) improvement” is because “devs who would be working on these fixes have been assigned to other Infinite work.”

No matter what they’re working on, the team’s work has “rippled through to our UCN solution” involving players, vehicles, and objects, but “not around melee and ‘around the wall’ planes” which still need to be addressed.

343_Taxi says these devs “hope” to get back to working on a fix soon, and that’s “high priority for fixes.”

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Elsewhere in Halo Infinite news, 343’s leader had to apologize for an “offensive” plate that came out around June 19, and players are flocking to non-toxic “low sodium” forums. Still, at least everyone loved the Halo TV show, right? … Right?

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