Hackers to promote Max Kranick

Pirates will favor the right-hander Max Kranick to the majors tomorrow, according to Alex Stumpf of DK Pittsburgh Sports. Kranick will make his MLB debut as the Pirates’ starting pitcher for their game against the Cardinals.

A Scranton-born Pennsylvania product, Kranick was an 11th round pick for the Bucs in the 2016 draft, as the team was well above the slot machine price to earn him a bonus of $ 300,000. He started 54 of 58 career games in minors, posting a 3.47 ERA over 280 overall innings, and he reached Double-A and Triple-A for the first time this season. Kranick has a 4.37 cumulative ERA, 24.65% strikeout rate, and 6.16% walk rate over a total of 35 innings (19 1/3 at Triple-A, 15 2 / 3 at Double-A) in 2021.

“While he doesn’t have a single pitch that jumps off the page, Kranick has good feelings and has shown an ability to start strikes with all of them,” according to MLB Pipeline’s scouting report, Pipeline le ranking as the 26th best prospect in the Pittsburgh farming system. His fastball has the highest rating (55 on the 20-80 screening scale) of any of his three offerings, and Kranick consistently hits the 94 mph plateau with the ability to hit 98 mph at the opportunity.

Since the Pirates are firmly in rebuild mode, taking a look at a 23-year-old arm fits perfectly with the organization’s plans to focus on the future. The chamber opened in rotation when Trevor Cahill was placed on the injured list and Mitch keller was offered to the minors, so it makes sense for the Bucs to take a hit with Kranick after his solid (if unspectacular) performance at Triple-A.

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