GTA Online Weekly Update Rolls High at Diamond Casino

The new weekly GTA Online update is here for fans of Rockstar’s crime game Grand Theft Auto V, and the focus is on the glamorous Diamond Casino and Resort. The update offers a range of bonuses to casino labor rewards, as well as discounts on penthouse renovations and a range of other amenities added as part of the multiplayer game’s casino updates. This update is also scheduled to last a bit longer than the usual week.

From July 7 to July 18, players in GTA Online will receive triple the usual cash and reputation rewards for completing Freemode Casino Missions. Players can start them when acting as a VIP/CEO of an organization or as the President of an MC. Plus, there’s double the usual cash and reputation payouts for overtime shootouts, open-wheel races, and Gerald’s final game missions assigned by the Los Santos dealership.

If you’re looking for a new set of wheels, you can win the GTA Online Prize Ride, the Zion Classic two-door coupe, for finishing in the top five in car racing for three consecutive days. If you’d rather trust your luck than your judgment, you can head back to the casino and spin the wheel for a shot at GTA Online’s newest podium car, the Sugoi – a hot and sleek hatch.

It’s also the perfect time to spruce up your casino penthouse, as renovations are 40% off. The same discount also applies to arcades, which is perfect for helping you diversify your gaming portfolio. A range of clothing added in casino updates, including utility vests and tailored suit jackets, are also on sale for half price.

You can view the full discounts, including those on a range of cars, below:

If living the high casino life has you itching for a roleplaying spot, check out our guide to the best GTA RP servers and how you can join them. If you’d rather explore the massive open-world game in the relative peace of its offline mode, we’ve got all the GTA V mods and GTA V cheats to keep you busy in the single-player realm.

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