GTA Online Player Discovers the Benefits of Secret Dressing

GTA online is one of the most powerful online video games on the market due to its content and possibilities, which means that sometimes players still discover things. Rockstar Games is known for being incredibly detail oriented and that holds true for GTA online. The game is a massive online playground for players to live out all of their illegal fantasies, whether it’s through a criminal empire or simply having the power to steal any vehicle and get away with it. The openness of GTA online kept gamers coming back for almost a decade and guarantees that Rockstar will continue to update it, despite the removal of support for red dead online in favor of shifting resources to GTA 6.

More on the GTA online subreddit user Ronnymaloney has put together a guide that tells players the hidden benefits of certain in-game outfits. If you go to the in-game clothing store and step up to the outfits section (usually where the ), you’ll see a bunch of categorized, pre-made outfits. If you’re wearing something like one of the fairly expensive biker outfits, you’ll take less damage after crashing a bike. You will supposedly have a 90% chance of surviving a fatal accident and you will only lose 5% of your health from any other type of accident. We tested this one specifically and confirm that it is true.

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Some reviewers have questioned whether you actually need the full pilot suit to get its benefits, arguing that the helmet should suffice on its own, but the rest of the list seems to be accurate. At this time, it is unclear if other types of outfits provide special benefits. Some players have noted that if you have the recycler equipped it will skip the animation to eat a snack, although this is largely useless now as there is now a snack shortcut in-game.

Do you know any special perks for specific outfits in GTA online? Let me know in the comments or contact me Twitter @Cade_Onder.

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