GTA 4 Cheats: Complete List of All Cheat Codes in GTA IV Game for PC, Xbox and PlayStation

Grand Theft Auto 4 or GTA 4 is one of the most popular games for PC as well as for game consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. To be a “Pro Gamer” when playing sometimes you will have to use cheat codes which will give you more control over the game. The game is played in Liberty City, based in New York, and the gameplay follows Niko Bellic and his attempts. to escape his past under pressure from leading criminals.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what cheat codes are along with a full list of GTA 4 cheat codes that can be used on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. We will also see how to redeem these codes on your device. Finally, we will also look at a way to earn unlimited money in GTA 4 and how the cheat code will affect achievements in GTA 4.

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What are cheat codes?

The cheat code in a game is a reference to a secret code that will allow you to gain an advantage beyond the usual gameplay. Cheat codes are implemented by the developers of the game and once you enter the correct cheat code in a game you will most often gain power or additional benefit. The cheat codes created by the game developers are usually hidden within the video game itself. It’s also worth mentioning that sometimes cheat codes are also created by third-party software and hardware.

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GTA 4 cheats

Full list of GTA 4 cheat codes

In any GTA game, weapons and health are the main cheat codes. Moreover, deleting the desired level is also one of the most used and popular cheat codes. Finally, driving a vehicle is also easy, thanks to cheat codes. These GTA cheat codes work on the PC version of the game, but they can also be used for Xbox and PlayStation console games.

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GTA 4 cheats for PC, Xbox and PlayStation

  • Weapons 1 (Knife, pistol, shotgun, Micro SMG, assault rifle, sniper, Molotov cocktail and rocket launcher): 486-555-0150
  • Weapons 2 (Baseball bat, combat pistol, combat rifle, SMG, rifle, sniper and rocket launcher): 486-555-0100
  • Get maximum health and armor: 362-555-0100
  • Get maximum health, armor and ammo: 482-555-0100
  • Delete the desired level: 267-555-0100
  • Increase the desired level: 267-555-0150
  • To change the weather forecast: 468-555-0100
  • Spawn Annihilator Helicopter: 359-555-0100
  • Frai Banshee: 265-555-2423
  • Appear Cognoscenti: 227-555-0142
  • Appearance comet: 227-555-0175
  • Spawn Buffalo: 227-555-0100
  • Spawn jetmax: 938-555-0100
  • Spawn NRG-900: 625-555-0100
  • Spawn Sanchez: 625-555-0150
  • Spawn SuperGT Car: 227-555-0168
  • Spawn Turismo Car: 227-555-0147

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GTA 4 Lost and Damned cheat codes for PC, Xbox and PlayStation

  • Innovation (chopper bike): 245-555-0100
  • Double T Custom (sports bike): 245-555-0125
  • Hexer (chopper bike): 245-555-0150
  • Hakuchou Custom (sports bike): 245-555-0199
  • Slamvan (gang van): 826-555-0100
  • Gang Burrito (gang van): 826-555-0150

GTA 4 The Ballad of Gay Tony cheat codes for PC, Xbox and PlayStation

A year after the Original GTA 4 launched, two expansion packs were subsequently released for the game, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. These two featured new storylines that were interconnected with the main storyline of Grand Theft Auto IV.

  • Bullet GT (Supercar): 227-555-9666
  • APC: 272-555-8265
  • Luis throws explosive punches: 276-555-2666
  • Nozzle: 359-555-2899
  • Parachute: 359-555-7272
  • Explosive sniper fire: 486-555-2526
  • Akuma (sports bike): 625-555-0200
  • Vader (sports bike): 625-555-3273
  • Float (boat): 938-555-0150
  • Advanced weapon set (Knife, .44 pistol, explosive shotgun, assault machine gun, advanced machine gun, advanced sniper, grenade launcher, sticky bombs): 486-555-0100GTA 4 cheats

How to get into GTA 4 Cheats on PC, Xbox and Playstation

To activate any of the cheat codes mentioned above, you will need to dial the respective numbers with the in-game phone. It works for all platforms including PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

Is there a cheat code to get unlimited money in GTA 4?

The short answer here is no, there is no cheat code to make unlimited money in GTA 4. But, there is a way to make quite a bit of money with just a few simple steps.

  • Go to any ATM machine nearby.
  • Cause traffic jams and block the roads around you. (so that the ambulance cannot pass)
  • Kill the person who just got out of the ATM with money
  • Collect the money, flee for a few meters and turn back
  • Collect more money and repeat the same trick to collect as much money as you need.

The more people you kill outside of the ATM, the faster you can earn money.

Can you earn achievements with GTA 4 cheats?

No, you cannot earn achievements or trophies with GTA 4 cheats. The game disables achievements and trophies after you activate cheat codes. If your achievements are blocked, they can be unlocked by loading a save file with no blocked achievements.

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