Grand Haven junior hospitalized after being hit in AAU tournament

FORT WAYNE, Indiana – A Grand Haven junior was hospitalized with a severe concussion after being punched during an AAU basketball game this weekend.

Harrison Sorrelle and the Lakeshore 16u MBA team were playing in the “Brawl for the Ball” tournament in Fort Wayne, Indiana when the incident occurred.

After scoring a basket to give him 26 points, Sorrelle was struck by an opponent while not looking, knocking him out before he fell to the ground.

Sorrelle’s AUA coach confirmed to Fox 17 that Sorrelle had been hospitalized with a severe concussion.

Grand Rapids native and referee Drew Zuidema was on the pitch when it happened.

“I was the track official, Harrison was giving this guy buckets, playing great, giving it to one side, the other players were talking to this player like ‘dude, he’s killing you, dude’, the ball came in and as I was hanging out as the track official all I saw was a left hook, ”Zuidema told Fox 17.“ He threw himself at him, hit him in the face, Harrison was stunned as he stood up, he fell straight on his head.I saw him right in front of my own eyes.

The player who hit Sorrelle was ejected and then arrested by the policeman during the tournament.

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