Gran Turismo 7 Players Use PC Remote Play to Automate In-Game Grinding

Enlarge / Why waste time or money earning in-game money when a PC script can do it for free?

In our review of Gran Turismo 7, we warned that players should “be ready to grind” for the game credits needed to buy expensive play cars. We also said that the game will “try to trick you into opening your real wallet to buy in-game credits a little more often than you’d like”. Now some enterprising players have found a way to avoid this grind to Gran Turismo 7 credits: they have automated a method of earning credits that does not require actually playing the game.

The method-publicized Monday by PSNProfiles user Septomor and rated by VGC— takes advantage of some PC scripting tools and PlayStation Remote Play Tool. By sending preset entries to a local PS4 or PS5 via Remote Play, the PC script cycles through a single race automatically and endlessly, earning what some users report is millions of in-game credits in a day (and/or avoiding hundreds of dollars in microtransaction costs that could buy those credits).

The automation follows the release of GT7 controversial patch from version 1.07, which dramatically reduced the number of credits players could earn per run. The patch increased the playtime needed to win GT7the most expensive cars by around 63%, according to a GT Planet analysismaking an already heavy game even heavier (and likely encouraging more players to spend real money to avoid this grind).

“I know with the nerves people are not happy and are probably discouraged by the huge amount of work, or at least I am,” Septomor wrote alongside a post advertising the automation. “So here are some scripts, created to accommodate those nerfs.”

“In GT7I would like users to enjoy lots of cars and races, even without microtransactions,” Kazunori Yamauchi of Polyphony Digital written in a post-patch update on the Gran Turismo website. “At the same time, the price of cars is an important element that reflects their value and rarity, so I think it’s important that it is linked to real prices. I want to make GT7 a game where you can enjoy a variety of cars in different ways and if possible you would like to try to avoid a situation where a player has to mechanically keep replaying certain events over and over.”

Gran Turismo 7The 1.07 patch was also responsible for a 30+ hour server outage that plagued the game last week. The outage banned players from most single-player modes as well as multiplayer races. The game’s online servers were tied to single-player progression as an anti-cheat tool, as Yamauchi told Ars during a preview event for the game.

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