Google Chrome just got a speed upgrade

Google Chrome is doing its main job a lot faster now. Following a recent update, searches that pass through the search bar at the top of the browser (which Google calls “Omnibox”) now preload results before clicking much faster than before.

Browser speed stats are blurry in the real world, but Google said that the most common search results are now four times more likely to appear in less than 500 milliseconds. This means that when you enter information and select one of the recommended options at the top of your results, you will be taken to the Google search results page much faster.

The new search results speed improvements only apply if you use Google as your default search engine (which most people already do), but the company said other search engines might use this feature with some tweaks to their operation.

It’s unclear whether this new update makes Google searches in Chrome faster than the same searches in Firefox and Microsoft Edge, but the new technology is powered by Chrome’s unique “PartitionAlloc” memory allocator. “PartitionAlloc” is basically how the program uses your PC’s RAM; in this case, it affects the way the search results are stored. Previously, search results were stored through caching, but Chrome used a lot of RAM and crashed frequently.

This new way of loading information before you need it is part of a larger Chrome rewrite that has been done. earlier this year. According to Google, the update reduces RAM usage by 22% and speeds up other parts of the browser. For years, people have been frustrated with how often Chrome consumes your system’s RAM. Now Chrome can use those RAM savings to help improve quality of life, such as getting to your search results faster.

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