God Of War PC Mod Gives Atreus Acne

A recent God Of War PC mod sees Kratos’ son Atreus go through one of the worst parts of growing up: a face full of painful acne.

The Nordics God of the war The saga is a coming-of-age story for Kratos’ growing son, Atreus, but a new PC mod pits the warrior-in-training against one of the most embarrassing parts of adolescence: acne. Sony Santa Monica has restarted its signature God of the war franchise to a warm reception in 2018 with the story of an older Kratos who struggles to raise his son and come to terms with the demons of his past as he journeys through the nine realms of Norse mythology. God of the war was recently ported to PC last month, allowing gamers who don’t own a PlayStation console to experience one of the most critically acclaimed action games of the previous console era. Notice for the PC port of God of War (2018) have been just as positive as they were for the initial PS4 release, with PC players enjoying improved graphics options that make Kratos’ quest to meet the dying demand of his late wife Faye all the more real.


While the God of the war The PC port doesn’t include official mod support, which hasn’t stopped gamers with the technical know-how from modding Kratos and Atreus’ first Nordic adventure in a number of interesting ways – Sony Santa Developers Monica even giving their full blessing. Most of these mods focus on Kratos himself, with some replacing his aged character model with his younger, more volatile self from the original. God of the war trilogy and exchanging its usually dark dialogue with a barrage of daddy jokes that will leave Atreus holding his embarrassed face.

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It might not be the best thing for Atreus’ complexion, because The player reports that a new God of the war The PC mod gives Kratos’ teenage son a full fledged acne breakout. InspectorXyto, who posted the Atreus Puberty mod on Nexus Mods last week says he researched different types of acne to make sure poor Atreus suffers from the common teenage skin condition”at its worst.“When a player in the comments section asked why he made this mod, InspectorXyto joked that “we’ve all been there” – and the gods are no different.

God Of War Acne Mod Promo

Facial acne and embarrassing dad jokes will be the least of Atreus’ worries in the next God of War Ragnarök, which is set to launch on both PlayStation consoles later this year and is the final chapter in Kratos’ Norse story. As shown in the exciting God of War Ragnarök trailer during September’s hit PlayStation Showcase livestream, the new game will see Atreus seek to uncover the truth behind an ancient prophecy that predicts the end of the world, as well as his supposed role as the legendary trickster god Loki. Meanwhile, Kratos will seek help from the Norse god of war Tyr and battle against even more mythical creatures and deities – including his long-awaited and previously discussed showdown with Thor.

In the meantime, it seems that not even the divine power inherited from Atreus can overcome the trials and tribulations of puberty, including a sore face full of acne. The young hunter learned many skills from his experienced father Kratos, so hopefully the titular God of the war passed on to her son the virtues of proper skincare and a pimple-busting procedure ahead of his next journey through the lands of Norse mythology.

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Source: Nexus Mods (Going through The player)

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