Gloomhaven, the digital version of the acclaimed board game, leaves early access on October 20

It’s been a few years since we took a look at the Early Access version of Gloomhaven, the digital version of the 2017 tabletop tactical RPG. It was promising but incomplete, without multiplayer support and with a limited number of enemies, of classes and tiles compared to the board game. “But the pieces are in place to eventually create a worthy adaptation,” we wrote.

A slew of updates have followed since then, and we’ll see how far developer Flaming Fowl Studios managed to put these pieces together on October 10, when Gloomhaven leave early access and go to full version.

The video game version of Gloomhaven is not an exact copy of the tabletop version, but the differences are “very minor” and overall it is “a very faithful adaptation of the gameplay and design of the game. ‘origin “, according to the developers. The differences in the digital version were implemented in close consultation with original table author Isaac Childres, said Flaming Fowl, “to ensure that we stay true to the basic Gloomhaven design.”

It’s important to note that the scope of the game has grown significantly since our preview. The version we saw in 2019 only had a roguelike adventure mode, but version 1.0 will feature the full tabletop game campaign and a co-op “Guildmaster” mode for up to four players, with over 250 missions. shared between them. The Guildmaster Mode saves from the Early Access version will be compatible with the full game, but the Campaign Mode beta test saves may not be – it’s possible, depending on how things go, but the developers recommend. all the same to start a new execution.

The end of Early Access will not mark the end of development, as fixes will be released and the DLC is “a possibility”. For now, however, Flaming Fowl is focused on “supporting the base game and making sure it matches player expectations.” However, the release of version 1.0 will result in an increase in prices.

“Since the launch of Gloomhaven Early Access, we have clearly communicated on the planned price increase for the full version,” wrote Flaming Fowl. “With all of the content added throughout Early Access, including the Guildmaster Digital Exclusive Mode, the Online Co-op Mode and ultimately the acclaimed Original Board Game Campaign, the value of Digital Gloomhaven has increased dramatically. that’s why we will increase the price of the base game from $ 25 / € 25 to $ 35 / € 35 upon release. “

He also clarified that if you have the Early Access version of Gloomhaven at launch, you will automatically be upgraded to the full version at no additional cost when it goes live.

Gloomhaven is available in Early Access on Steam and will also arrive on GOG, although it is not listed there yet. You can find out more about

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