Gigabyte M27Q gaming monitor review: 170Hz quality at an affordable price

Gigabyte M27Q has an IPS panel.

Interest in PC gaming has increased since the culture of lockdown and work from home resumed. That being said, people are looking for good PC components that don’t cost a fortune but manage to meet the user’s needs. Gigabyte with its M27Q gaming monitor tries to deliver just that.

Gigabyte M27Q is a 27 inch IPS LCD monitor that offers 1440p resolution and high refresh rate of 170Hz. All of this costs around Rs. 35,000 making it one of the cheapest monitors to offer. such features. The icing on the cake here is the KVM function with which the monitor is integrated. But does that mean you should buy this one right away? Let’s find out in this review.

Gigabyte M27Q review: the panel

Previously, if you wanted to get a monitor with a higher refresh rate and lower response time, you had to settle for a VA or TN panel. However, fast IPS panels have caught up in both affordability and speed. Gigabyte uses an IPS SuperSpeed ​​(SS) panel, which is the company’s trademark for IPS technology which achieves slower response times by using a thinner layer of liquid crystal. It also uses higher driving voltage than standard IPS displays.

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The panel becomes quite bright.

Since this is a monitor that focuses on gamers, a high refresh rate becomes a priority over contrast ratio. However, Gigabyte managed to make the panel fairly color faithful and even give it good viewing angles. The panel becomes very bright for all types of games and lighting scenarios.

The backlight used in the monitor is a flicker-free white LED and it can reach over 400 nits of brightness for SDR and HDR content. The company also announces that the monitor gets “Super Wide Color Gamut”.

As for the refresh rate, the monitor supports 170Hz refresh rate without overclock support. It also supports AMD FreeSync Premium. According to the company, the monitor has a response time of 0.5ms, which is believable.

Gigabyte M27Q review: gaming experience

As the monitor is gamer focused, I was asked to try playing games on it. The panel was quite bright and I had no glare issues. I have played a variety of titles using this monitor including Gears 5, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, and Forza Horizon 4.

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The 170Hz refresh rate really helps improve the gaming experience.

Thanks to the high refresh rate of 170Hz, games were super smooth. I could especially feel the difference in FPS games like CS: GO and Valorant.

Gigabyte M27Q also comes with gaming-focused features like Black Equalizer, Screen Crosshair, and more. While I haven’t taken advantage of these features in my regular gaming sessions, it is definitely good to have some features.

Gigabyte M27Q review: Specifications

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Even the back of the monitor is quite attractive.

In terms of additional features, the M27Q comes with one unique feature which is the integrated KVM switch. KVM stands for Keyboard-Video-Mouse and the switch allows users to control two PCs or 1 PC and 1 laptop with one keyboard, one mouse and one screen. Usually people have to buy separate devices to acquire this capability and M27Q packs it right inside.

It also helps reduce the hassle when connecting a laptop to the same monitor that is used for your PC. With this, you can quickly switch between your work computer and your gaming computer.

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Settings can be changed using the joystick on the back of the monitor.

While the user can control the brightness and other monitor settings using the joystick placed on the back of the monitor, Gigabyte also gives the ability to change the monitor settings using the Sidekick OSD software. The software can be downloaded through the Gigabyte website for Windows users and it will only work if the supplied USB cable is connected.

Gigabyte M27Q review: verdict

The Gigabyte M27Q is a great monitor for both gaming and content consumption. The only downside I have experienced with this monitor is the lack of built-in speakers at this price point. Otherwise, it’s a lot. If you’re in the market looking for a good 27-inch monitor with a 1440p high refresh rate panel, you can’t go wrong with the Gigabyte M27Q.

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