Ghost Recon Frontline Reboots, New PS4 PS5 Game Release Date Rumored

After Ghost Recon Breakpoint ended support this week, people were wondering what would happen to the franchise from then on. Well, according to the latest rumor, Ghost Recon Frontline is rebooting and there’s a brand new main game in development at Ubisoft Paris.

Why is Ghost Recon Frontline restarting?

Ghost Recon Frontline was introduced to players in October. The free-to-play first-person PvP shooter featured a new take on the Battle Royale franchise, but the reveal trailer was immediately criticized for straying from the franchise’s trademark hallmarks. After an internal game test drew negative feedback, a public test was postponed and the game went extremely quiet. According to Kotaku, the game is restarting. The chances of it coming to consoles soon are pretty slim.

Fans may be more encouraged to learn that a new Ghost Recon title is in development at Ubisoft Paris. Sources close to the project say the game is currently codenamed OVER and was one of the titles accidentally revealed when leaked from GeForce Now’s internal database. Ubisoft has already been working on the game for over a year. As such, its release is much further along than Frontline and we might even see OVER on consoles before the end of this year. The developer promised that it learned from its mistakes with Breakpoint. Hopefully that means they won’t try to include NFTs.

In other news, today’s Horizon Forbidden West patch fixed “unintended changes” made to Legendary weapons in the last update. The changelist also included fixes for machine spawns and looting, as well as a chance to sing the title track, “In The Flood.” Elsewhere, Dying Light 2’s New Game Plus mode is set to release before the end of April as part of Patch 3.

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