Get the Mayflash F300 Fighting Stick for just $ 95

Whether you’re a world-ranked fighting game champion or an arcade enthusiast who just wants to bring home the feel of his favorite haunts, the F300 Elite Arcade Stick from Mayflash is a great addition to any playstation. Typically retailing for $ 112, it’s now on sale for just $ 95.

This durable metal fighting stick, designed to eliminate abuse in very intense matches, is compatible with many consoles and PCs and can be mapped to buttons to suit your particular playing style.

Rated 4.4 / 5 stars on Amazon, the F300 is already an industry standard device and comes ready to go with top-notch Senwa components ensuring tight responsiveness and satisfying haptics. When used with PCs, the controller supports XInput and DInput as well as headset compatibility for PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 users. Did we mention there’s a Turbo button as well?

This controller was designed by and for modding enthusiasts with internal components easily accessible when the urge for customization strikes. The four-way joystick and buttons can also be swapped or replaced as you like. Don’t worry if you need some modification inspiration – the internet is full of creative F300 clients proudly showing off their mods.

After the year we’ve all had it may be a while before you get comfortable returning to the traditional arcade setting and touching machines, countless more have spent hours fumbling around and sweat all over the place. Why not let Mayflash’s Fight Staff guide you until you’re ready? Few of us have the funds or the floor space for a full home arcade experience anyway. Upgrade your gaming setup today and get the Mayflash F300 Arcade Stick for just $ 95, which is 15% off the list price of $ 112.

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