Get 17 PC games for $10: Star Wars, Marvel, Aliens, and more.

Humble is on a roll with its latest collections, and its new Starlight Bundle includes up to 17 PC games from the Star Wars, Marvel, Lego, and Aliens franchises, plus some classic LucasArts adventure games for just $10. All games are Steam keys. Proceeds from the bundle are donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a charity that provides video games, toys and other entertainment to hospitalized children.

While the $10 Starlight bundle includes 17 games in total, other tiers are also available, including a $1 bundle with four games and a tier of 10 titles priced at an average donation (around $8.25). $ at the moment). Whichever tier you choose, many games get you up to 90% off their regular Steam prices, though you can always up your pledge to further support the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Humble lets you split your final transaction between Humble, the game publishers, and the charity at checkout.

As for the games you get, here’s a breakdown of each tier:

Pay at least $10

Pay at least $8.42

Pay at least $1

This bundle is available until September 23, so it’s worth grabbing it now if you’re interested. If you’re looking for more time-limited savings on the Humble Bundle, there’s also a 2K Games bundle available that includes 16 games from the publisher for just $18, including multiple Borderlands, Civilization, XCOM, and Bioshock games.

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