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Personalization is my new favorite trend in games. I made a custom controller immediately when Microsoft relaunched the Xbox Design Lab, and ordered black faceplates for my PS5 before I even had a console to put them on. In a sea of ​​simple gaming accessories with RGB accents, I’ll take any excuse to add some color and personality to my devices, and thanks to the new Astro ID Customizer, there’s a great way to design a pair of Astro A40 TR – one of the most popular gaming headsets in the world. I took the Astro ID personalizer for a ride to test the system and made myself a pair of purple and black headphones that I’ve been using with my Switch, PS4, and tablet for the past few weeks. If you’re looking for style and a great console gaming headset, this is a great option to consider. It doesn’t come without sacrifices, however, and if you’re looking for features like volume controls, USB and wireless connection, or equalizer options, you’ll be better off with something else.

Customizing the A40 TR with Astro ID Customizer is a lot of fun. There are tons of different components you can tweak, including the plastic outer frame, the stitching in the inner cup of the cushions, the top of the headband, the cable, the microphone, and the labels on the outside of the tops. -speakers. There are only eight colors to choose from which is quite limited, but if you want you can choose different colors for the eight components and design a truly one of a kind helmet. The pastel colors are gray, white, mint green, yellow, purple, sky blue, coral (which looks orange) and “heart pink” which looks more like a strawberry red to me. If you were hoping to match it to an Xbox controller, unfortunately that color scheme isn’t even close. Fortunately, most of the color options look great together, so it won’t be too hard to find a combo you like. I was disappointed that there isn’t a true pink or more shades in general, but the black, purple, and gray design I chose is amazing. I especially like that you can customize the cable and mic, which are little details that make a big difference.

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astro id

Astro says orders ship in two to four weeks, but mine arrived in just 12 days. The headset comes in a very protective black hard case, but far too large to easily fit in a backpack or travel bag. The microphone and cable are detachable, so it would be easy to fold it flat and wear the headset around your neck, but unfortunately there are some extremely sharp corners on the frame that will stab you if you try to wear them as that. It is much better if you turn the cushions over and wear them around your neck as you would on your head, but then the cushions tighten around your throat in an uncomfortable way. Traveling with this headset hasn’t been very convenient, but if you have room to pack the hard case, this is the best way to go.

Astro identification case

The cable is a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, which makes it ideal for use with a PlayStation or Xbox controller, or with a switch. It supposedly comes with a PC splitter, but I couldn’t find one in my package. Even so, the cable isn’t really long enough to run behind my desktop tower under my desk to plug into the audio ports on the back, so unless you’re using a laptop, I wouldn’t recommend. really these headphones for PC gamers. A USB option would be great, but I can see why the headphone cable is a better option for those on console.

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There is no control on the helmet. You’ll find an in-line mute switch built into the cable for the microphone, but the headset itself doesn’t have volume controls, EQ options, or other control functions. However, you can use the headphones through Astro’s M60 or M80 MixAmp, which Astro offers as a bundle for an additional $ 100. For $ 200, it would be nice to have at least a built-in volume wheel.

If you’re looking for a gaming headset with bells and whistles, there are better, more affordable options. What Astro.ID offers is a highly customizable device with high quality 40mm speakers tuned for gaming right out of the box. I don’t know of any other headset that offers this level of color customization and I’m totally impressed with the end product. Collection 2 brings a lot more color options and better combinations, so if you’ve looked at Astro.ID before, now’s a good time to check it out again. I love having my Astro A50 wireless headset on my PC and wired A40s for my PlayStation 5 and Switch, and if Astro.ID ever hits the A50, I’ll be the first to make a pair. personalized.

An Astro.ID personalization code has been provided to TheGamer for this review. Learn more about Astro.ID on the Astro official website.

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