Gamer Born With No Hands Wows The Internet With His Setup: “Such A Boss”

A player has been praised online after showing how he manages to play with his disability.

Martin uses the TikTok @86hands handle on TikTok and Twitch to regularly show his more than 3 million followers live and behind-the-scenes video from his games.

This time, however, he’s also wow on Reddit, after viral videos resurfaced of how he handles controllers and a PC gaming setup. In just over a week, the post garnered over 52,000 votes after being shared by a fan.

According to research firm Newzoo, around 30% of US gamers identify as disabled and 20% of UK gamers do as well.

Martin was born without hands and as such is forced to make adaptations to the way he plays in order to make it work for him.

Companies have improved accessibility in the design of their devices over the years, with products such as the Xbox Adaptive Controller and the Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit, which include programmable buttons, as well as various mouth-operated controllers. For Martin however, no new device is needed.

For PC gamers, he uses an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, “but there are times when I use my keyboard,” he explained. Martin added that he doesn’t use it often because it leaves him hunched over.

“I take my finger and on the mouse let’s go,” he said in the video. “On the keyboard, I use my elbow and fingers and type around.”

Martin explained that he was able to type around 46 words per minute, but a later video on his TikTok account showed him racking up 62 words per minute on a typing test.

“I guess it’s okay for someone with elbows pecking at the keyboard,” he said, adding that he had a footrest under the desk.

“I play every day and I love it.”

Martin’s dedication to playing and making the game accessible to himself has impressed many online, as Reddit users recently discovered the videos and rushed to congratulate him.

“This guy is such a boss,” one user noted.

“Now this guy is a certified gamer god,” another viewer wrote.

One impressed user noted that “it’s one of the reasons the internet has changed the world.”

Martin’s gaming skills don’t stop there either, as he showed TikTok exactly how he’s able to use an Xbox controller to game too.

“Left finger for the left trigger,” he explained in a video with over 2.6 million views. “Left part of the arm for the right trigger, my chin controls the left analog stick.”

“Depending on the situation,” his right finger or chin controls the D-pad, while “the right finger against the right analog stick, the right bumper, and those buttons on the right side.”

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