Game director Squid is plotting a ‘more violent’ movie than the Netflix show

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk wrote a “more violent” film than even squid game.

Dong-hyuk discussed his plans for a tentatively titled movie Kill the old people’s clubduring a panel at the MipTV show on April 4. According to Varietyhe predicted it will be “another controversial project”, joking that he may have to hide from the elderly when released.

The director said he has already written a 25-page treatment for the feature film, which is based on the work of the late Italian novelist Umberto Eco.

In addition to Kill the old people’s clubthe director is due to return to South Korea, where he will finish writing the second season of squid game, Variety also reported. Dong-hyuk said he hopes to release new episodes by the end of 2024.

He credited Netflix for believing in his vision, sharing that they were the only company to bet on the gritty series – he finished writing it in 2009 – which follows poor individuals as they compete in gambling. childhood with the aim of winning a cash prize. Those who don’t win are killed. “I waited and waited, and made three feature films,” he recalled, adding that when he pitched it to the streamer in 2016, they said they “loved[d] this.”

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