Four siphon filter sets rated for PS4 and PS5, likely for PS Plus Premium

Four Siphon Filter games have been reviewed by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea for PS4 and PS5 and are eligible for inclusion with PS Plus Premium.

Last month, Sony announced it was making changes to its PlayStation Plus service, offering higher tiers that add more content, including legacy games from the PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3 via streaming and PS4. We haven’t heard much about what kind of games might be included in the service, but we may have just gotten a first look thanks to the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea.

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As reported by Gematsu, four Siphon Filter games were rated by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea earlier this week. The four games are Siphon Filter, Siphon Filter 2, Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror, and Siphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow. The first two Siphon Filter games were originally released on the PS1, while Dark Mirror and Logan’s Shadow debuted on the PSP.

Given that PS Plus Premium is slated for release in June, it’s likely that Sony is preparing the games behind the scenes right now, and we’ll likely see more legacy games being reviewed by ratings boards over the next few weeks. It’s unclear if the games will be available outside of PS Plus Premium at any time, but for now it looks like they’ll only be available on the new Premium service.

Interestingly, despite a good handful of Siphon Filter games, there are still a few from the series that are missing from the list. PS1 Siphon Filter 3 and PS2 Siphon Filter: Omega Strain are not included in these ratings, implying that they could be missing from the service altogether.

This would be especially confusing considering that Dark Mirror and Logan’s Shadow, which were rated by the Korean board, were released after Siphon Filter 3, which means there might only be a canonical part of the series.

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