Fortnite now has gyro controls on supported platforms

A whole new way to target enemies and modify your buildings.

fortnite gyro controls
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Fortnite is a fairly basic game on the surface. You jump out of a flying bus with 99 other people, land on an island and try to survive and eliminate everyone who got on the bus with you. The reason why such a basic concept will celebrate its fifth anniversary this year is that it is constantly being modified and supplemented. This week, those tweaks come in the form of an alternate way to play the game that just might change Fortnite for you forever.

As revealed via a detailed blog post from Epic, Fortnite now has gyro controls on platforms that can support it. The ability to leave your analog sticks behind and aim your weapons by simply tilting and moving your controller. Fortnite has had motion controls in the past on Switch and Android, but these new gyroscopic controls are a much more advanced version of what was available before.


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The all-new way to play Fortnite was imagined and implemented with the help of Flick Stick creator JibbSmart. As you can see in the explainer video below, there are a number of different ways to use Fortnite’s gyroscopic controls depending on how much you like them and your ability to use them. It is recommended to keep the default settings when first activating the gyro controls. This means it will only activate when aiming a weapon or modifying a building.

New control options also include JibbSmart’s patented Flick Stick. While those of you who love the gyroscopic controls enough will be able to ditch the sticks altogether if you want to, you’ll be sacrificing another great addition to the game by doing so. Flick Stick lets you change the direction you’re facing almost instantly. Just flick the right stick in the direction you want to face and you’ll turn right away. A game changer when it comes to taking down enemies shooting at you from behind.

In addition to Switch and Android, Fortnite’s new gyro controls can also be used on PS4, PS5, and PC. No love for Xbox gamers as it is not a gyroscope supported platform. You also cannot use the new control options through GeForce Now. It was recently revealed that Fortnite would be playable through the service as a sneaky way to bring the game back to mobile while its lawsuit with Apple continues.

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