Final Fantasy fans surprised with free giveaway

A perfect Christmas for Final fantasy fans would likely include a new Final fantasy 16 trailer and stable Final Fantasy 14 Online servers, but even Santa Claus will not be able to make it happen. What Final fantasy fans do however receive a small free gift, or more precisely, Final Fantasy 7 RemakPS5 players receive a small free gift. It’s unknown that this free giveaway is for the holidays, but it’s hard to ignore when it’s released.

Anyway, for now, for an indefinite period, owners of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS5 can download “Seraphic Earrings”. According to Download link, Seraphic earrings are “a pair of wing-shaped earrings which can invigorate mind and body” and which can “automatically revive the wearer of incapacity.” If it sounds OP, it’s because it’s OP. That said, it is not available for PS4 users. The item can only be used in the episode intermission.

“A pair of wing-shaped earrings that can invigorate the mind and body. Automatically revives the wearer of incapacity,” reads the full and official description. “

At the time of publication, and as stated, we are not sure how long this offer is available. Typically, these types of offers are limited time offers, but if so, it is not clear how limited this window opportunity is.

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