FIFA 22 Leaks Reveal Upcoming New Leagues Including National League

FIFA 22 is released later this year and new leaks have revealed all of the new soccer leagues that will be coming to the game.

When a new FIFA game arrives, aside from gameplay changes, the gaming community wants to see new soccer leagues introduced into the game so they can play with new teams and players.

There have been quite a few rumors and leaks revealed, including potential information about an online career mode possibly added to the game.

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Besides the leaks, some confirmed features will also be present in the game.

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Leak reveals new leagues coming to FIFA 22

FIFA Trusted Page FUT Watch, who has nearly 250,000 followers, revealed the latest leak on Twitter. This is great read for the FIFA community as some high demand leagues seem to be coming to the game, including the National League (the fifth division in England).

The full list of new upcoming in-game leagues that we know of so far is:

  • National league
  • Liga Cyprus
  • Magyar League
  • Liga Colombia

This is great news, and even better news for career mode fans who like to take teams from the lowest possible divisions to the top.

It will add a lot more work and a sense of accomplishment if you could get a team up to the fifth division in the Champions League.

Many might not want to get upset and take this news with a pinch of salt; However, this leak appears to be quite significant, as FUTWatch suggests that the information is in the latest FIFA codes.

Hopefully we will see more leagues added to the game very soon.

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