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Black Friday is fast approaching, and with its arrival comes excitement and excitement for video gamers everywhere. Gaming enthusiasts often look forward to this opportunity to spend their hard-earned money and acquire as many offers as possible on various platforms. This event is most popular on PC, with amazing deals on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Black Friday is a momentous occasion for consumers of all kinds, so fans will be curious to find out which deals offer the best value. Gamers are in for a treat as they will be spoiled with a wide gallery of games available at massive discounts. In such a scenario, they will need all the help they can get to identify the best deals of the lot.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author.

These incredible PC video games will be available for a fraction of their usual price during the Black Friday sale

1) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (GOTY Edition)

youtube cover

After the resounding success of Ring of Elden earlier this year, fans of action-adventure video games will be eager to experience more of FromSoftware’s incredible work. For those gamers, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be the go-to game since this masterpiece won Game of the Year in 2019.

sekiro delivers a thrilling combat experience that embodies the classic SoulsBorne formula honed over the years by legendary developers. The game will be available at a massive 50% discount on Steam during the Black Friday sale on Steam and is a must-have for all fans of the genre.

2) Sea of ​​Thieves

youtube cover

After a disappointing launch in 2018, sea ​​of ​​thieves has redeemed itself and exceeded all expectations with its live service model and engaging content. It has quickly become a favorite among fans of multiplayer video games as it offers a one-of-a-kind first-person collaborative experience, allowing players to take on the role of pirates.

Over the years, Sea of ​​Thieves has received widespread critical acclaim and continues to provide regular content to this day. The title will be available at a 50% discount on Steam during the Black Friday sale and is a boon for those looking for video games to get their teeth into.

3) Monster Hunter: World

youtube cover

The Monster Hunter franchise is a classic in the action RPG genre, and with Monster Hunter: World in 2018, it was introduced to the latest generation of consoles. With the technological and computing power available now, the game was more expansive and visually impressive than any of its predecessors and won critical acclaim.

It will be available at a 50% discount on Steam during the Black Friday sale. Fans of the iconic franchise are going to miss out if they don’t make the most of this opportunity and get their hands on this masterpiece.

4) Borderlands 3

youtube cover

2020 saw the return of the iconic looter-shooter franchise with the release of Borderlands 3. It’s the fourth entry in the franchise’s video game gallery and wraps up the best aspects the series is known for in an incredible first-person experience.

Borderlands 3 will be available at an incredible 75% off on Steam during the Black Friday sale. With such a massive price exemption, gamers should consider this purchase on their Black Friday spending spree.

5) FIFA 23

youtube cover

Football being the most popular sport in the world, its popularity can also be seen in the world of video games. With over 10 million players in the first week, FIFA 23 had the the biggest launch in the history of the iconic franchise. The title offers the most authentic and immersive simulation of the beautiful game, attracting fans from all over the world.

FIFA 23 will be available at a 40% discount on the Epic Games Store during the Black Friday sale. Considering that this will be the last iteration of the series before it gets rebranded as EA Sports FC, now is the perfect time for fans to get their hands on FIFA 23.

6) God of War (2018)

youtube cover

Santa Monica Studios released the title in 2018 with their reboot of the God of War franchise, adapting the series to a new demographic and delivering a stunning storytelling experience. Originally released as a PlayStation exclusive, the game was also released later on PC.

With God of War: Ragnarok being released recently, fans will be eagerly waiting for the game to receive a PC port. However, in the meantime, they can experience the prequel in all its glory as it will be available with a 25% discount on the Epic Games Store during Black Friday.

7) Sifu

youtube cover

Sifu took the gaming world by storm in 2022, impressing casuals and critics alike. It offers a unique take on the classic “beat-em-up” video game fighting genre, portraying the narrative in a way inspired by martial arts movies.

The combat mechanics and unique life-death system used by Sifu are a breath of fresh air, giving fans an experience like no other. Sifu will be available at a 25% discount on the Epic Games Store during the Black Friday sale.

8) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Game of the Year Edition)

youtube cover

When it comes to timeless classics, few video games are as recognizable and iconic as The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Released in 2016, the game is considered one of the best video games of all time with an engrossing plot, vast open world, incredibly detailed side quests, and RPG mechanics.

The Witcher 3 will be available at an incredible 80% off during the Black Friday sale on the Epic Games Store. This is the perfect opportunity for gamers to experience this masterpiece in all its glory with the Game of the Year Edition.

9) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

youtube cover

Speaking of timeless classics, Skyrim is considered by many to be the most iconic RPG title of all time. Originally released in 2011, the game has stood the test of time and is still popular among gamers to this day. It offers the most immersive and detailed RPG experience, with a plethora of side quests and storylines, keeping players busy and entertained for countless hours.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition will be available at a 75% discount on the Epic Games store during the Black Friday sale. It’s a legendary title that every gamer needs to experience, and this Black Friday sale provides the perfect opportunity.

10) Far Cry 6

youtube cover

With the legendary Giancarlo Esposito as the antagonist, far cry 6 is the latest entry in the vast gallery of Far Cry games and brings the franchise back to the formula that made it a fan favorite. The exotic location, vast open world, first-person and traversal combat mechanics, and incredible array of weapons and vehicles combine to deliver a classic Far Cry experience.

The game will be available with a 75% discount on Fanatical during their Black Friday Sale. It’s a great option for fans of the first-person shooter genre looking to try something new.

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Everspace 2 Gets Latest ‘Ancient Rifts’ Early Access Update https://fsc-clan.org/everspace-2-gets-latest-ancient-rifts-early-access-update/ Thu, 24 Nov 2022 01:01:02 +0000 https://fsc-clan.org/everspace-2-gets-latest-ancient-rifts-early-access-update/

Publisher and developer ROCKFISH Games has released the latest early access update for Eternal Space 2.

The new “Ancient Rifts” update is now available for the game, bringing back some fan-favorite elements from the original game.

“Ancient Rifts is a massive addition to EVERSPACE 2, showcasing the incredible depth and scope of what we believe will be the best space action game to release in 2023,” said Michael Schade, CEO and Co-Founder. by Rockfish Games. “We imagined Ancient Rifts to bring back some of the crazy mechanics and challenges and that ‘more racing feel’ of the first EVERSPACE that our space game fans loved. We can’t wait for the day when EVERSPACE 2 v1.0 is released. , offering a unique blend of high-plasma action gameplay, deep space exploration, plenty of activities, and an exciting campaign in a stunning zero-G environment.

Eternal Space 2 is available in early access since January 2021 on Windows PC for PC (via Steam, GOGand Microsoft Store). A full release is planned for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 in early 2023. The game will also be fully compatible with Steam Deck.

Here’s a preview of the update, along with a new trailer:

Everspace 2 Ancient Rifts Update

Ancient Rifts is an update that delivers on the promise of the 2019 Kickstarter campaign, where some 8,000 supporters unlocked significant endgame content for EVERSPACE 2.

Just like in the original EVERSPACE, where players could increase the difficulty of each run and choose handicaps between sectors in Hardcore mode, they can now level up Lunacy before opening a rift and choose a portal with different modifiers leading to next step to define their individual challenge. Of course, greater risk will yield greater rewards, such as higher Legendary drop chance and better loot overall.

As a challenging late-game activity of a fast-paced space shooter, the team wants players to jump straight into battle with an optimized build and unleash chaos on their enemies rather than camp behind a asteroid and choose one target after another from a safe distance. . So, in order not to be kicked out of the rift, pilots must maintain their resolve score in Ancient Rifts by quickly defeating their opponents and keeping their hull integrity above zero.

While ROCKFISH Games is far from done with this first implementation, daring pilots can also engage with other exciting content in the Ancient Rifts update, including revised racing events, new side missions in Union and Khaït Nebula, new jobs, new distress signals, new puzzles, and visual improvements.

Ships are key to the EVERSPACE 2 experience and player agency or expression, so of course Rockfish has also added some new features to play with. The Bomber can now become the Titan and the Gunship the Dominator with a new set of wings, and there are two new Outlaw units: the Raider and the Tormentor. A new device called the Front Shield Generator also adds to the variety of playstyles, giving pilots three working modes. Avenger reflects shots back to attackers, All Day converts blocked damage into weapon energy, and On Your Left provides a smaller shield that automatically turns to the nearest enemy facing the player.

The Rockfish team took note of pilots who were unhappy with the level scaling, especially early in the game. It was a challenge to strike a balance for those who like a tough challenge and those who want to feel powerful all the way, but the new system does just that. There are many layers to how the new system works, but instead of enemies constantly leveling with players within a given level range per star system, their progress will be tied to world progression. Whether it’s player level, main plot points, or entering a new system, players will be able to outrun their enemies to some degree. If certain conditions are met, previous game areas will level up in a way that will be reflected in the game’s story.

Read Ancient Rifts Steam community post for a deeper dive into the update, including a selection of legendary items to find in-game as well as a full list of all added features, tweaks, and fixes.

Great Games Gift – DNG Online Limited https://fsc-clan.org/great-games-gift-dng-online-limited/ Wed, 23 Nov 2022 14:07:00 +0000 https://fsc-clan.org/great-games-gift-dng-online-limited/ MANY families and households enjoy playing games together at Christmas. And there is nothing better than discovering a new game.

This festive season, we have a set of family games worth nearly £80 to give away to two lucky winners.

All of the games included in the bundle are all-new, highly anticipated titles, including Lex Match, an all-new five-letter word game, the newest addition to the current word game craze. Presented in a handy carrying case, it’s the perfect on-the-go game for endless word game fun!

Plus, a family game day wouldn’t be complete without a competitive Top Trumps battle. This bundle features the exclusive best assets of the European Women’s Football Champions, celebrating our amazing Lionesses’ big win earlier this year. You’ll also find the all-new ‘Trending’ Top Trumps range, including the Top Trumps guide to ‘NFT’, ‘Fashion Trends’, ‘Trainers’, ‘Spotify’, ‘YouTube’ and, of course, ‘TikTok’.

There really is something for everyone with this amazing set, meant to keep the family entertained for hours of fun!

For a chance to win, answer this question: Who is the man in red who delivers the presents at Christmas?

Send your applications to: Games competition, DNG Media, 96 High Street, Annan, DG12 6EJ before Monday 5th December 2022. Don’t forget to include your name, address and contact number. The first two correctly drawn entries will win. The publisher’s decision is final. Terms and conditions available on our website.

World Cup 2022 Live Online: Game & Team Updates, Latest USMNT & Mexico News https://fsc-clan.org/world-cup-2022-live-online-game-team-updates-latest-usmnt-mexico-news/ Wed, 23 Nov 2022 03:10:43 +0000 https://fsc-clan.org/world-cup-2022-live-online-game-team-updates-latest-usmnt-mexico-news/

The World Cup’s greatest player makes his debut

Qatar’s biggest World Cup player also emerged as one of the biggest surprises after the 2.03 meters (6.66 ft) tall Andries Noppert does something unexpected international debut for the Netherlands In Monday. Veteran Dutch coach Louis van Gaal tends to cause a shock or two, but pick the 28-year-old to keep goal in Monday’s World Cup win over Senegal was one of his most outrageous moves.

However, the giant guardian of Heerenveenwith a total of just 32 appearances in the Dutch top flight, made no mistake as he made a handful of impressive saves and kept a clean sheet in the 2-0 win at Al Thumama Stadium.

It capped a remarkable rise for a player who is quick to admit: “It’s also weird for me, even a few weeks ago, I would not have expected it. It is special. You dream of it, I would never have believed it was possible. Little boy everyone dreams of it, later we don’t accept it. If anyone can do it, it’s me,” he told Dutch television NOS.

Van Gaal was happy too. “It’s not a bad choice,” he sang in the Dutch television studio. “I chose him because he is the in-form player.”

Only two years ago, Noppert’s parents were advising him to quit the game and his girlfriend suggested registering with the police after a meniscus injury saw FC Dordrecht not extend his contract and left him without a club for six months. But in the space of two years, things have changed dramatically. “Louis van Gaal told me I had to play like I do at my club, but in another form. I just have to stop the bullets. Does it make sense that I started the game? When is the right time then?” he said.In the Netherlands we all complain about not having good goalkeepers, but then you have to give the boys a chance. I don’t care if it makes sense, I’m trying my best and that’s all I can do.”

Hearthstone card reveal – meet Scourge Tamer https://fsc-clan.org/hearthstone-card-reveal-meet-scourge-tamer/ Tue, 22 Nov 2022 15:00:17 +0000 https://fsc-clan.org/hearthstone-card-reveal-meet-scourge-tamer/

Hearthstone’s final expansion of the year is almost here, reintroducing the legendary Lich King and his scourge army to Blizzard’s classic card game. The March of the Lich King expansion also sets the stage for Hearthstone’s newest class, the Death Knight. All players will have free access to the Death Knight base set of 32 cards when the expansion launches on December 6, 2022.

New players might not know that this isn’t the first time the Scourgelord has been in the Hearthstone Rodeo, but this time he’s bringing back some of the mechanics from the Knights of the Frozen Throne. The Reborn Keyboard returns, as does Hunter’s ability to smash two beasts together to form a nightmarish new creation.

The new Hunter card is none other than Scourge Tamer, an epic two-mana undead minion with two attacks and two health. Scourge Tamer’s Battlecry effect lets you create a custom Zombeast, a special minion assembled using two creatures from Hearthstone’s beast pool. The combined minion features the card text, stats, and mana cost of both minions, which opens the door to some goofy minions.

Your custom Zombeast can be designed to fit the current state of your board or where you think the game might be heading over the next few turns. What makes Scourge Tamer so powerful is that its effect is useful at different points in a match and it only costs you two mana. If you play Scourge Tamer on turn two, you can try creating a minion that can be played curveball if you’re piloting an aggressive deck. When played in the late game, your Zombeast can earn you clutch moments when your opponent’s board begins to eclipse yours.

As Scourge Tamer features the undead minion type, it also synergizes with a host of other new cards in the expansion and can benefit from their effects. Whether it’s a battlecry that grants a friendly Undead Reborn or a rattle that specifically draws an Undead card, there are plenty of options for building a deck around this new type of minion. Scourge Tamer fits right in and lets you harness the powerful abilities of this new card game, while providing you with a card that fits in alongside other beasts.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the latest maps, you should read our Astalor Bloodsworn Card Reveal to learn more about this legendary minion ahead. We also have a guide on best hearthstone decks for beginners if you want a meta deck to easily get back into the game.

Scuf’s Universal Thumb Grips are great holiday socks. https://fsc-clan.org/scufs-universal-thumb-grips-are-great-holiday-socks/ Mon, 21 Nov 2022 22:08:36 +0000 https://fsc-clan.org/scufs-universal-thumb-grips-are-great-holiday-socks/

If you’re struggling to find a simple gaming-focused gift that isn’t just another game or console, these new thumb caps from Scuf could make the perfect holiday gift that the gamer in your life will actually use.

Scuf’s Universal Thumb Caps not only protect your controller’s thumbstick from wear and tear, they also provide a better grip for your thumbs, and the increased height makes it easier to perform precision character or camera movements.

As the name suggests, the caps fit almost all console controllers, including Xbox controllers, PlayStation 5’s DualSense and PS4’s DualSock 4, and Nintendo Switch Pro controller, as well as the range of third-party pads from Scuf – you don’t. you need to worry about incompatible fits or compatibility. The caps easily clip onto your gamepad thumbsticks, which is great if you only use them for specific games.

Scuf caps are available in one of three colors – red, blue or black – and three types of handles, and each package includes several height or shape options depending on the type of handle you choose. They’re also quite affordable, at just $15 for a pack of six caps or $20 for eight. Note that product availability may differ between certain color and handle options. You can see all available options at Amazon.

Thumbsticks from Scuf are a simple but practical gift, but there are plenty of other gaming accessories that would make great holiday gift ideas, like Hori’s new PS5 compatible keyboardthe Xbox Elite 2 Core Controlleror even these gaming chairs for sale on amazon .

The products discussed here were independently chosen by our editors. GameSpot may get a share of the revenue if you purchase something featured on our site.

Majority of people think online gambling involves betting and gambling: survey https://fsc-clan.org/majority-of-people-think-online-gambling-involves-betting-and-gambling-survey/ Mon, 21 Nov 2022 14:20:07 +0000 https://fsc-clan.org/majority-of-people-think-online-gambling-involves-betting-and-gambling-survey/

A majority of people view fantasy sports as online games that involve betting, betting and gambling, a survey by online platform LocalCircles said on Monday.

The online gaming survey conducted by LocalCircles found that 91% of respondents want annoying text messages that promote online and fantasy games to be banned.

“While the Supreme Court upheld its position and the position of the Punjab High Court in 2017 and ruled that fantasy sports is a game of skill, public opinion continues to differ,” the report said.

When asked about “should online fantasy sports be considered online games involving betting, betting and gambling?”, almost 2 out of 3 respondents answered “yes”, 14% answered “no” and the remaining 21% answered no clear answer.

“Indeed, for 65% of the 9,507 respondents, online fantasy sports are akin to gambling, betting or gambling with risks contrary to the position of the Supreme Court”, indicates the report.

LocalCircles said the nationwide survey received more than 33,000 responses from citizens across 322 districts in India, while the number of responses varied from question to question.

Approximately 68% of respondents were male and 38% were female.

About 91% of the 11,994 respondents want spam emails sent by “fantasy gaming platforms asking them to create a team for a fee and earn money without warning” to be completely banned.

Around 54% of 12,602 respondents said there should be a loss limit in the range of Rs 50-500 per game for online and fantasy games “if state governments fail to ban them” .

The survey was conducted between June 1 and November 15, LocalCircles said.

A report by KPMG forecast that the number of Indian online gamers is expected to grow from 43.3 crore in FY21 to 65.7 crore by FY25. line stood at Rs 13,600 crore to which casual players contributed Rs 6,020 crore in FY21.

The Indian online gaming industry’s revenue level is expected to rise to Rs 29,000 crore, with casual gamers contributing Rs 16,900 crore by FY25, according to KPMG.

West Branch leaves the tournament | News, Sports, Jobs https://fsc-clan.org/west-branch-leaves-the-tournament-news-sports-jobs/ Mon, 21 Nov 2022 05:24:39 +0000 https://fsc-clan.org/west-branch-leaves-the-tournament-news-sports-jobs/

NILES — West Branch’s strong run through the football playoffs came to a surprising end in the windy and cold conditions at Bo Rein Stadium here on Saturday night as sixth-seeded Jefferson upset the Warriors, leading seeded No. 1, 41-37 in a division. IV, Region 13 Championship Game.

“That didn’t happen tonight, but that’s why you play football and I wouldn’t change a thing (in West Branch’s great season),” said Warrior head coach Tim Cooper after his team accepted the regional runner-up trophy.

“(Being on a roll) is an understatement,” Jefferson head coach Brandon Hanna said. “I don’t know the words, but I’ll tell you what, and I said it four weeks ago (when the playoffs started), it’s really a family behind me. What we lack in number, we make up for in heart. I couldn’t be prouder of this group of kids.

The loss ended West Branch’s season at 12-2, which included a third straight Eastern Buckeye Conference title.

“It’s always been a great season and our seniors have nothing to be ashamed of and what they’ve done for our football program,” said Cooper. “I know it’s not ending the way we wanted but it was still a great year for these guys.”

Jefferson’s strong pass defense and the cold, windy conditions created a challenge for West Branch’s vaunted passing game. Warrior standout senior quarterback Dru DeShields, who threw for just under 4,000 yards and 46 touchdowns this season, went 10 of 21 for 178 yards with no touchdowns through the air and no interceptions against the Falcons. DeShields had 42 rushing yards and two rushing scores.

“The wind definitely affected (the passing game), you could see there were a few different throws that Dru usually does,” said Cooper.

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USC vs UCLA: Prediction, Pick, Spread, Football Match Odds, Live Stream, TV Channel, Watch Online https://fsc-clan.org/usc-vs-ucla-prediction-pick-spread-football-match-odds-live-stream-tv-channel-watch-online/ Sat, 19 Nov 2022 18:10:00 +0000 https://fsc-clan.org/usc-vs-ucla-prediction-pick-spread-football-match-odds-live-stream-tv-channel-watch-online/

When No. 7 USC takes on No. 16 UCLA on Saturday in their annual rivalry game, both teams will be seeded for the first time since 2014. When the Trojans visit the Rose Bowl on Saturday with the Pac-12 championship and college football playoff hopefuls will also be in line.

The Trojans can clinch a berth in the Pac-12 title game with a win, while the Bruins need a win to stay alive in the Pac-12 title hunt after losing at home to the Arizona last week.

While USC leads the all-time series 49-33-7, these two programs have split the last 10 meetings. However, few of those meetings have had the stakes of this year’s clash, with USC off to its best start since the Pete Carroll era and UCLA vying to tie its program record of 10 wins in a season. . That added pressure on a game that always seems to get attention, with the Victory Bell on the line between two Los Angeles-based programs both wearing their home uniforms for the intercity clash.

As if the championship implications weren’t enough to inspire intrigue, this match has star power befitting the Hollywood setting. Head coaches Lincoln Riley and Chip Kelly are considered two of the brightest offensive minds college football has seen in the past 20 years. Quarterbacks Caleb Williams and Dorian Thompson-Robinson are two of the best offensive players in the Pac-12. Let’s get into the important and key points for this highly anticipated West Coast showdown.

USC vs. UCLA: need to know

Two top 10 offences: As you might expect given the status of the two quarterbacks, USC and UCLA have two of the best offenses in the country. On a yards-per-play basis, USC is tied for fourth among all FBS teams with an average of 7.20 yards per play, while UCLA is sixth and with an average of 7.18 yards per play. game. These are two of seven offenses to average more than 499 yards per game and two of 12 teams to average more than 39 points per game. For UCLA, the balance of Dorian Thompson-Robinson’s output has been running back Zach Charbonnet, who leads the nation in yards per rush (7.53) and all-purpose yards per game (176.88). The Trojans ride quarterback Caleb Williams and a versatile passing offense that spreads the ball, but the offense has also had some of its greatest successes in the ground game.

USC running back Travis Dye sidelined by injury: Speaking of ground game, USC’s offense suffered a major setback in the win over Colorado when running back Travis Dye was ejected from the field with a season-ending injury. Dye, a four-year-old at Oregon before transferring to USC, had 884 yards and nine touchdowns in 10 games for the Trojans, numbers that rank in the top five among running backs in the Pac-12 and which largely explain the team’s precipitous success. . His absence means more work for senior Austin Jones, rookie Raleek Brown and potentially the need for Caleb Williams to remain a threat in the running game.

Heisman Trophy voters will watch: While Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud and Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker have shorter odds for the Heisman Trophy heading into the weekend, things could change given that it’s arguably the biggest stage Williams has had all year. Since the 43-42 loss at Utah, the Trojans have toppled teams from bottom of the Pac-12 in games that won’t resonate with most Heisman Trophy voters. Saturday will be different, however, and the spotlight could allow Williams to show up in a way that will impact how Heisman Trophy voters place those No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 picks on the ballot. of voting.

How to watch USC vs. UCLA live

Date: Saturday Nov 19 | Time: 8 p.m. ET
Location: Rose Bowl — Pasadena, CA
TV: Fox | Direct: fuboTV (Try for free)

USC vs UCLA prediction, picks

Featured game | UCLA Bruins vs. USC Trojans

USC has looked good beating bad teams over the past month, but I’m not sure there’s as much of a difference between these two teams as the standings suggest. The Trojans also have potential injury issues beyond Dye’s absence, and while UCLA’s loss to Arizona is concerning, I think it was also the kind of loss we let’s see in the potential spots at the end of the year. I think the Bruins are bouncing back big and stealing the win Prediction: UCLA +2.5

What college football picks can you confidently make in Week 12, and which top-20 teams will fall hard? Visit SportsLine to see which teams will win and cover the spread — all from a proven computer model that’s brought in nearly $3,000 in profit over the past six-plus seasons — and find out.

Racers prepare for the first MVC tournament https://fsc-clan.org/racers-prepare-for-the-first-mvc-tournament/ Sat, 19 Nov 2022 02:28:37 +0000 https://fsc-clan.org/racers-prepare-for-the-first-mvc-tournament/

Murray State volleyball heads to its first Missouri Valley Conference tournament in Evansville on Sunday. The four-day event takes place at Meeks Family Fieldhouse on the University of Evansville campus.

The Racers enter the tournament as the seventh team, set to face sixth-seeded Valparaiso in the first round of the tournament. In their first regular season at The Valley, the Racers went 8-10 in the league and 12-16 overall. The Racers enter the MVC Tournament on a streak after winning three of their last five games.

Murray State vs. Valparaiso

Friday November 20 | 6 p.m.
Live Statistics | ESPN+

Quick Notes on Murray State

  • Murray ended the regular season with a 3-1 win over Belmont and split his season streak.
  • The Racers have also shared their streak with Valparaiso this season, with the Racers winning 3-1 in their last home encounter.
  • Murray went 8-10 in the MVC, clinching the seventh seed after their 3-0 win over Indiana State on Nov. 12.

Team Stats

  • Murray is one of the best defensive teams in the conference, ranking second in kills (12.26 per set) and assists (11.16 per set).
  • The Racers are fourth in the MVC in opposing digs, giving up just 13.79 digs per set.

MVC Stats Leaders

  • Bailey DeMier is ranked fifth in the MVC in assists (10.21 per set) and service aces (0.38 per set).
  • Dahlia Miller is fifth in the conference in digs with 4.18 per set.

MVC Game Summits

  • Murray State holds the highest attacking percentage in a five-set game with 0.309% in a hard hit against Clemson that they pushed to five sets before falling to the Tigers 3-2.
  • MSU has the second-best win rating for a five-set competition with 76 in a match against SIU.
  • DeMier is third in matches that have gone three sets as she has won 46 against Indiana State.

The Murray State and Valparaiso winner will advance to the second round on Monday. Awaiting the winner we UIC, the No. 3 seed in a 6pm start.

MVC Tournament Schedule (all matches on ESPN+)
Sunday November 20

3:00 p.m. No. 5 Evansville vs. No. 8 Bradley
6:00 p.m. No. 6 Valparaiso vs. No. 7 Murray State
monday november 21

3:00 p.m. No. 4 Southern Illinois vs. No. 5/8 Winner
6:00 p.m. No. 3 UIC vs. No. 6/7 Winner
tuesday november 22

3:00 p.m. UNI n°1 vs winner n°4/5/8
6:00 p.m. Drake #2 vs Winner #3/6/7
Wednesday, November 23

4:00 p.m. MVC Tournament Championship Game