Far Cry 6 reviews – our roundup of FPS game scores

The big day is approaching. The release time for Far Cry 6 is just around the corner, with Ubisoft’s latest entry in the long line of FPS games that will unleash in the world tomorrow, October 7th. and if it’s worth your hard-earned pennies – then, let’s see what the critics have done with it.

Overall, it looks like the new PC game has fared well with reviews, with reviews for critics mostly at the higher end of the scale. Far Cry 6’s gameplay and adventure seem to be recurring themes in critical praise, with the IGN article noting, for example, that it “alleviates a lot of the bumps that have occurred in recent games and even if it lacks a few steps, especially with its new inventory system, it is the best the series has been in years ”. However, there are a few in the mix that put it lower in the score, with VGC, for example, giving it two out of five stars and describing some of its elements as a bit ‘bland’.

The game is currently sitting at 75 on the global site Metacritic for PC (74 for Playstation 5; 82 for Xbox x series) and 78 on Opencritic.

Without further ado, here’s our recap of Far Cry 6 reviews:

Far Cry 6’s release date is October 7. To find out everything we know about it so far, head over to this link and get ready for the next big adventure in the series.

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