Fall Guys Launches Doctor Who Cosmetics

Fall Guys is releasing a real Halloween treat that isn’t a gimmick, Doctor Who-themed cosmetics are now in, delighting fans of the series.

fall guys fans received a real Halloween gift; Doctor Who-themed skins are now available for use in the Blunderdome. This popular Battle Royale title has captivated a huge fanbase since its first appearance in 2020, when many gamers needed a fun distraction. fall guys really stands out from other titles in its genre, especially with the adorable candy creatures that players control as they battle for crowns and, of course, bragging rights. To fall Guys was developed by Mediatonic and was first available only on PC and PS4 before finally hitting all platforms this year.


The game featured fun crossovers, such as to add Star Trek themed skins during the current fall guys season. fans of the Sonic franchise could also get skins during a Sonic– themed event. And now another iconic TV franchise is getting the right fall guys treatment.

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fans who love Doctor Who will get a real kick from the next fall guys crossover event. Four Doctor Whotheme To fall Guys the skins are coming as part of a new event, “Tardis Treats”, which runs from November 1-5. Players can dress their character as the Fourth Doctor, Fourteenth Doctor, Thirteenth Doctor, or even a Dalek. Some of these cosmetic players will have to pay extra.

Doctor Who first aired on British television in the 1960s and has since attracted huge audiences. It’s no surprise that fall guys the developers would like to bring this popular series to life in the game. In addition to including popular TV shows and cosmetics, fans also had a crossover event with Destiny 2 back in september. Previously available skins, such as the Cuphead costume, have even been brought back to the game to give those who may have missed them a second chance to catch one. Fortunately, To fall Guys is available on all platforms, and every player can have fun and collect these cosmetics before they disappear.

As soon as the game became free on Xbox and Nintendo Switch, fall guys saw 20 million new fighters join us in 48 hours. There are still many other collaborations that players would like to see included in fall guys one day, and with the number of new titles coming out, the possibilities are truly endless.

fall guys is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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