Fall Guys Developers Address Accidental In-Game Purchases and Refund All Claims Made

After players report numerous accidental purchases made from the Fall Guys in-game store, the developers are refunding customers and fixing the issues.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout recently made the transition from a paid game to a free game, later relaunched with a completely different monetization and progression system. In the early days, fall guys‘ free version has amassed over 20 million players while also being available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles. Although there were some issues with the release of this new version, developer Mediatonic was still very successful in the transition. However, not all reception has been positive towards the game’s reworked systems.


Recently, players reported a bug that involved the in-game cosmetics store for fall guys. A post on Reddit demonstrated that they were only checking certain items in it, and without confirming anything, the game automatically bought a cosmetic they didn’t want. A fellow Redditor had a similar issue, recalling the incident with the customer service rep dismissing them when they claimed it was a bug. After several players reported this issue, the fall guys the devs came out and fixed the problem.

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In a recent tweet on fall guys‘ Twitter account, Mediatonic states that the team has heard all comments regarding accidental purchases and apologized for not addressing matters sooner. As a result, the team will put in place ways to catch up with any customers who have been impacted. The first is that the design of the in-game store is going to be improved so that this problem does not happen again.

The second is that all players who have made a purchase in the fall guys store will be refunded upon request. This applies to all cosmetic purchases that were made on or after June 21, and all such refunds will be honored until the store is repaired. The third update is that players will get a free legendary Grandis skin as compensation, which is a variation of the Long Guy fall guys suit. The promotional image for this skin indicates that the Grandis skin can also change color, which is tied to the player’s equipped color scheme.

In a statement to PC Gamer, a Mediatonic spokesperson also spoke about the poor customer service gamers received during this time, noting that the response was “unacceptable” and that they intend to make things right. . Despite the problems faced by fans, the fall guys The team seeks to correct these obstacles and ensure that customers are satisfied.

fall guys is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: PCGamer

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