Fall Guys Clone Stumble Guys has taken over mobile game graphics

There’s a Fall Guys knockoff available now on mobile that just might be an even bigger hit than Fall Guys ever was. It’s called Stumble Guys and comes from a team of five developers from Finnish studio Kitka Games.

According to data from Appmagic (via VGC), Stumble Guys has been downloaded 163 million times since its soft launch in October 2020 and has generated over $21 million in lifetime sales. It is currently number one in the free iPhone charts in the US and UK, and it is in the top 10 free charts of Google Play in both countries.

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As the name suggests, Stumble Guys follows the same general format as Fall Guys. Up to 32 players are reduced to one after a series of knockout matches. Most of them seem like races on obstacle courses full of slides, bumpers, cannons, trampolines, etc., while a few levels are about surviving on platforms for as long as possible .


Stumble Guys and Fall Guys both released around the same time, but Fall Guys hit PC and PS4 to boot while Stumble Guys launched on PC and mobile. It’s mobile sales that have really taken off for Stumble Guys in recent months as downloads have exploded in 2022. In January, Stumble Guys was downloaded nearly 9 million times, but that nearly hit 33 million in June. The game was downloaded 1.5 million times on June 25 alone. And all of those downloads generated $6.6 million in microtransaction spending last month.

Kitka says Stumble Guys averages around 18 million players per day, which is significantly more than Fall Guys even after it went free-to-play in June. Fall Guys has also expanded to Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, but it was removed from Steam in favor of the Epic Games Store. Former Steam owners can still play Fall Guys on Valve’s platform, but new players will need to purchase the PC version from Epic.

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