F1 Manager 2022 reveals all driver ratings

Frontier released a great spreadsheet for fans to wrangle with a few days ago. That’s right, the initial driver ratings for all real-world drivers featured in F1 Manager 2022 have been revealed.

F1 Manager 2022 will feature not only the 20 official drivers from the F1 teams of the season, but also their official reserve drivers, as well as drivers from the F2 and F3 feeder series.

F1 Manager has more broken down stats than Codemasters F1 games, although they all fall more or less under the same umbrella. Drivers are rated on their pace, consistency and racing acumen, which is then broken down into more detailed stats. In racecraft, for example, drivers are judged on their ability to defend themselves, overtake, and adapt to changing conditions mid-race.

The overall ratings revealed here have certainly sparked conversations. Some are rated too high, others too low. And most are surprised how low the numbers are when you look at F3 drivers. This goes to show that young riders moving up the ranks will need to increase their ratings, which means turning them into a true Grand Prix winner should be a satisfying journey with the stat count needed to increase.

And it should also be noted that some drivers may have a higher rating initially, but due to their age and potential, they will be overtaken by younger, lower rated drivers as you continue to play for several seasons.

On the list, it’s no surprise that seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and reigning world champion Max Verstappen are the highest rated at 90, with the lowest of the main drivers being Mick Schumacher at 76.

In F2, Jehan Daruvala is top ranked at 73 while current F2 leader Felipe Drugovich is at 68.

In F3, Oliver Bearman is top rated at 65. Malaysian driver Nazim Azman is rated at 41, and that’s not even the lowest those numbers can get.

Here is the full list of real-world drivers in F1 Manager 2022 and their starting ratings.

Driver Overall Driver Rating
Lewis Hamilton 90
george russell 86
Max Verstappen 90
Sergio Perez 87
Charles Leclerc 88
carlos sainz 87
Lando Norris 86
Daniel Ricardo 84
Fernando Alonso 85
Esteban Ocon 85
Pierre Gasly 84
Yuki Tsunoda 77
Sebastian Vettel 82
Spear Stroll 79
Alexander Albon 80
Nicholas Latifi 73
Valtteri Bottas 87
Zhou Guanyu 79
Kevin Magnussen 80
Mick Schumacher 76
Nyck de Vries 74
Sebastien Buemi 72
Antonio Giovinazzi 78
Stoffel Vandoorne 72
Oscar Piastri 75
Liam Lawson 68
Nico Hulkenberg 76
Jack Aitken 66
Robert Kubica 69
Pietro Fittipaldi 66
Amaury Cordeel 50
Ayumu Iwasa 66
Calan Williams 66
Cem Bolukbasi 56
Clement Novalak 63
Denis Hauger 69
Enzo Fittipaldi 61
Felipe Drugovitch 68
Frederic Vesti 71
Jack Doohan 72
Jacques Hughes 63
Jehan Daruvala 73
Juri Vips 70
Logan Sargeant 70
Marcus Armstrong 66
Marin Sato 60
Olli Caldwell 64
Ralph Boschung 71
Richard Verschoor 71
Roy Nissany 68
Theo Pourchaire 71
Alexander Smolyar 59
Arthur Leclerc 59
Ayrton Simmons 44
Brad Benavides 37
Caio Collet 55
David Vidales 47
Enzo Trulli 33
Frederic Malvestiti 32
Francesco Pizza 51
Franco Colapinto 50
Gregoire Saucy 62
Hunter Yeany 39
Ido Cohen 46
Isack Hadjar 59
Jak Crawford 59
Juan-Manuel Correa 50
Frederick Kaylen 51
Kush Maini 56
Laszlo Toth 50
Nazim Azman 41
Olivier Bearman 65
Olivier Rasmussen 48
Pepe Martin 42
Raphael Villagomez 41
Reece Ushijima 37
Romain Stanek 57
Victor Martins 56
Guillaume Alatalo 44
Zak O’Sullivan 46
Zane Maloney 64

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