Every Old World Vault location in Biomutant

The old vaults in Biomutant contain some of the most incredible loot you can find in the game. These chests are full of goodies, as well as a few ultimate weapons. There are eight safes spread over different areas of the map. Everyone is protected by their guardian deitywho is basically a boss himself.

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To access these chests, all you need to do is defeat these bosses and loot their bodies to access the trunk key to unlock the safe. This guide will take you to all eight vault locations. So let’s start with that.

Bricktown Vault

bricktown vault location

Make your way to the north of Bricktown. You will find the guardian Bling Sizzle fluff at the entrance to a road tunnel. Defeat him, collect the key, enter the tunnel and unlock the safe using the key to access loot and upgrade materials.


Unfortunately, no ultimate weapon can be found in this vault.

suburban vault

Commuter Vault Location

You can loot this safe if you lead south of the suburbs location on the map, more precisely northwest of the Urfidurf Outpost. The Guardian Schacky Trunknut will appear once you set foot in the grassy area between the two houses.

Defeat him to get the key and access the safe. You will find the ultimate weapon Sparkatron Hypicskromp in this safe.

Defeating the Guardian is one of the prerequisites for the Moog quest.

Safe from the indisposed place

Sick Place Safe Location

You will find the chest located south of Sludgegush Fields. Head there to unlock this side quest and defeat the Guardian Emerging Bulgtusk to access the safe key.

The vault entrance is near the north of the infected area. Move to grab the Ozarhypro Hyprozapper The ultimate weapon.

Smoke Foundry Vault

Smoke Foundry Vault Location

The guardian of this vault, Farty Bulbaplod will appear in the southern part of the Fume Foundry, specifically in 11G sector. After defeating the guardian, head south to gigantic sphere-shaped structures. You will find the Flurpskruckis Contagion The ultimate weapon from the safe.

Aerodome vault

Aerodome Vault Location

The safe is located in the northern part of the map, which you can only unlock after completing the Lobo Questline. Once done, head to the north side of Aerodome Island. Flightfluff Jetspurt is the guardian deity who protects this vault.

Due to the nature of this region being a hot zone, it is suggested to equip heat resistance equipment for better chances at the monster.

Head south of where your fight took place with the monster to find the safe and loot. You won’t find any ultimate weapon here, but there will be some useful items nonetheless.

Vault of Sparks

Sparkplant Vault location

You can find this safe in the cold area, called spark plantin the Fnackyfeuilles Region. Defeat the Guardian to begin the Sparkplant side quest.

To get the loot, find a building near the area where you fought the monster and enter it to claim your reward. You will find the melee weapon Knock Umph.

You must have Moog’s side quest active or completed for the monster to appear.

Chug Depot Vault

Chug Depot Safe Location

This vault is located in the northern part of the Yerpfields area, in Chug Deposit. Fight the monster Chug Swolwaft to get the safe key, then proceed to the semi-circle building.

When you step inside you will be confronted Tincan’s Tougho before you can interact with the terminal that opens the vault door. After defeating the robot, enter the vault to find the ultimate weapon Srik Gongmace.

Vault of deodorizum

Deodorizom Safe Location

Travel to the southwestern part of the Kluppy Duneswhere you will fight the guardian bold polliconey in Deodorizum. Defeating him will allow you to loot the key to his body, which in turn will unlock the safe.

You will find the ultimate melee weapon Pitcher Yrkum as your reward.

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