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Queen Elizabeth II reviews her guard of honor during the Closing Ceremony of the Edinburgh 1986 Commonwealth Games, held at Meadowbank Stadium.

I was there! Running down the Royal Mile singing then releasing doves from a wicker basket into the stadium!

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Yes, I participated, I had the white tracksuit with a white flap in the back.

My grandmother was a volunteer at the games and I believe she still has the outfit she wore – the kilt and everything to show it off! She turns 90 this year – Mary Dalgleish.

Yeah, I was there. We made the shape of a dove. I remember the song “Smile with us, run with us, a smile can brighten the day. Smile with us, run with us, a smile can bring out the sun to stay” I still have my red tracksuit… not quite out of shape though!

I was there. I walked down Royal Mile to Meadow-bank, bought a cream tracksuit and Nike trainers.

The closing ceremony is etched in my memory while we were there. My husband worked for BT on the Games so we were invited to their VIP box. We were treated to a good meal and drink was in abundance. We watched the royal carriage pass with the Queen and then a carriage with Robert Maxwell in it. As he entered the stadium, a hissing sound spread all around. He had stepped in to help fund the games and it was not appreciated. Once it was all over we discovered in the BT box the place was nearly empty as were the liquor bottles so a bright spark decided the men would run around the track so they could tell that they had raced in the Commonwealth. Games. They did just that, but when we all tried to leave the stadium we found we were locked in. We had to find a place where we could escape. What a night it was, then we took the train to Burntisland.

I was at the opening ceremony. I was one of those who started it on the Esplanade du Château.

I was in the choir! I can’t sing for peanuts.

I was in a Nessie costume.

I was a VIP flight attendant. I still have the tracksuit and the medal.

Does anyone have pictures of the runners delivering the relay? My daughter was one of them and we lost the photos. She did the section near the Commonwealth Pool, with Arthur’s Seat in the background.

I participated in a white tracksuit with flaps in the back and pretty navy blue Nike sneakers. I still have my medal and my pass… “Smile with us, run with us, a smile will brighten your day. Good memories.

I still have my red tracksuit and my medal from the opening ceremony dance number.

I was there on the day of the finals when all the medals were won. I remember Steve Cram winning at a gallop!

RI remembers it well, but I also remember the previous Commonwealth Games in 1970. As schoolchildren, we were taken to visit the brand new stadium and we also participated in the interschools. Oh, that makes you feel old!

I was racing down the Royal Mile and releasing doves from the wicker baskets at the stadium. I remember the tracksuits and the police escort of the buses that took us from the Royal Mile to the stadium. Also the athletes throwing key chains and keepsakes to all the kids. I was 15 at the time.

I was at the opening ceremony in a cream tracksuit, I had to train in the snow during the winter! Met Yehudi Menuhin the violinist! I remember Southan Morris, the producer and director. Always have the replica Commonwealth Medal they gave you.

OMG, fabulous memories. I loved the tracksuit, dancing at the opening ceremony.

The Australian bowling team stayed at the hotel where I was manager at Royal Terrace.

I was at the opening ceremony of the two Commonwealth Games held in Edinburgh 1970 + 1986 in badminton.

Yeah! I was in the choir. I still have the whole outfit of the kilt! Remember all the words of all the songs. We were all playing, we had so much free time for rehearsals

I was on the 1986 badminton scoreboard. Famous result for Dan Travers and Billy Gilliand!

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